Question on autos, NL, BB, AH outdoor, australia


Hi all awsome group by the way, :metal: with autos outdoor starting seedlings august putting outside september. How long til they flower i’m a little worried they will flower to soon before i get some nice plants in the veg stage…


Not quite sure what you’re asking probably just me tho little high but if you worried bout your autos not being big before they flower they grow and flower at the same time it really doesn’t have a long time in the veg state before they flower my white widow autos started to flower about 3-4 weeks from popping ground they was maybe 8 to 10 inches now just under 90 days and over 2.5 feet and for my 1st grow think they are going to produced pretty good hope I least help you out a little bit


I try to leave it a bit later for my outdoor autos, I like the temps to be nice and warm , days getting longer and sunshine intensifying. I usually plant them outdoors the beginning of november.


If u dont will they flower or just struggle in veg stage mate?


Yeah so they still grow a fair bit in flowering stage ay… cheers :+1:


I think the NLA I have outside (northern hemisphere) started flowering around day 45ish from sprout.


I do it purely because the veg stage is so short. I figure its best to give them the best conditions possible to grow as fast and large as they can.


@Budslayer when i get home in a bit I’ll upload some Photo’s. I have 5 different auto strains going. All different stages and sizes.


Tangerine dream auto 60 days old just started flowering 3 feet tall

Alien vs Triangle auto harvest friday 80 days from seed other autos different flowering stages and heights


Yeah i’m with u now mate, i was gunna just do like sprout put in greenhouse then outside mayb start a few early under that light u sugested and start some more later and sus out the difference :+1:


Cheers legend really helpful…:grin: