Question on a few leaves on my current grow

I think most folks are familiar with the plants I’ve been growing, as posted in other threads. They are three Strawberry Kush growing in coco / perlite in 10 Gallon cloth pots.

I’ve been doing well on pH and other such things; however, I’ve noticed some leaves that have fallen off, or I have removed due to looking bad.

I am in about the fifth day of flower, as the plants really grew at an alarming rate, overtaking the size of the grow tent. (40x40x72) I couldn’t let them veg any longer.

At any rate, all of the plants look and seem ok, except for some leaves growing in the lower part of the plants, wher they may have been splashed with water / nutes, or even bent by the water jugs.

I am not sure if this is a sign of not enough water, nute burn, or something else, as the vast majority of the plants are doing fine. These leaves were all in areas in dense growth and not exposed to a lot of light.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Here is the first couple leaves:

You will notice some curling and dry / discolored areas.

Here is the next pic:

Again, some leaf burn / dry ends.

Here is the back of one of the leaves, which looks ok, as far as I can tell:

And here are two that basically look just either dry or suffering from lack of light:

As mentioned, they are now in flower, as they really grew beyond my expoectations. These were seedlings on September 22nd, and now have stems that are about 3/4" across at the base.

Here is the overall grow area with the three plants:

As you can tell, there really isn’t a lot of room to play with. Those are 10 gallon cloth pots. Do I need to pick up some pruning tips? Is there some method of gaining control of the plants that I am unaware? Or, is there something else that anyone notices that I do not see.

I have my LED maxxed, at the top of the grow tent. I can’t raise it any higher, yet these plants are already within 2 feet, (the shortest), to 12 inches, (the tallest), away from the light.

Plant heights range from 18" to about 30" at this time. They are ggrowing about an inch or more a day, or so it seems. They seem to really go through water fast, even with a drain to waste style setup that I have been doing.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Leaves that get splashed, that don’t get enough airflow and/or not enough light can all develop looking similar to these leaves. You might not have much to worry about, thinning some of the undergrowth might be warranted. Keep an eye out for excessive “dew” on leaves, this means they are transpiring on each other and not having enough airflow.


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@MacGyverStoner, thanks for the quick reply. I will keep an eye out for that, as well as look into some pruning. :smile:

I’ve been giving them some foliar spray, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on the moisture on the leaves. They always abosrb all of the spray, without any signs of excess moisture anywhere on the plants.

Humidity has been around 50%, and I will try to bring it down to mid 40’s for the remainder of flowering.

I took a dozen clones on the day I started flowering, that are now in rockwool cubes. I think I’ll be limiting that tent to two plants per grow from here on out, or at least until I add in a second LED… :smile:
Thanks again for the help and advice. :smile: