Question new fem super skunk seeds


I have been buying and growing seeds from ILGM for quite sometimes and notice and last (3) orders seeds are more uniform and bigger than before.
However, this is my problem: Plans stretch lot more than before, nodes grow further apart, plans grow way too tall for SOG. Did ILGM change something to make it this way?

Thank you


Randy, that’s a very good question. It will be interesting on how Lakewood or MacGyver respond .
It would be even more interesting if we could get Robert in on this.cause I have noticed the same thing with my WW. I’m going to post a pic of them.
It’s not as much height as it is with distance between nodes. I wish they were closer together it would make for some awesome buds.
I suppose it’s genetic. I think over time you may get a seed that comes out like it’s great grand mother. Either Lakewood or MacGyver did a post on this as a matter of fact. I think I may have copied it I’m sure I did. When I find I will repost it for you it was very informative post. You know, these two guy are so dam smart it just blow me away once you get them going there knowledge just pours out. I’ve seen it in posts they have done several times.
But getting back to this question.
I really don’t think ILGM changed anything I believe it all genetics.

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It will triple the height once in flower.


That would really be something to see cause it has never happend with my clone and this is 5th generation.
The clones are a branch not an accrual plant so i believe they grow quite different than say their mother did. Growing branches off of branches in which in theory should produce more bud but never has. I let these vegging much longer 3 months and they seem to be doing much better then the last 4 generations.

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stretching and nodal spacing has more to do with lighting and environment. Don’t really have another answer. Well, I am sure Robert didn’t change anything to make this an effect of ILGM genetics.

I would think that may be the strain itself. All genetics grow differently. Even the same strain, especially if strain is a “hybrid”. Sometimes you get an Indica dominant pheno, Other times a Sativa dominant pheno. Indica is short and tight. Sativa can be tall and nodal spacing to be father apart.


I had a W.W out grow a 5 ft tent with an powerful Led lights , main lined manifold and all . All 8 nodes stretched to the lights . So I think it’s genetic , I have yet to grow 2 plants exactly the same characteristics !


What’s up funny I just read this iam in the grow of superskunk from ilgm also for the first time love the ppl they have been grate to deal with but I have 6 going 2 in the ground and they very healthy but I have topped them a few times but they want to stretch and the other 4 are in 4 gal pots and are bushes trying to do the scroug system on those doing well so far and the other two just going old school and make them bush but I have seen the difference is my morel want to post a few pitchers but haven’t fig that out yet but any way all are very helthy o by the way it is all a out door grow