Question LEDs and tent

This is the size tent I’m thinking.

And this is the light I’m getting

So the question is am I going to need to add some of the clf’s I have? I’ll get more LEDs later. I’m just trying to get everything in line and ready to make the big switch.



I think You will need more light…I’m running a 325 I Shine led and mine do Ok but I take them out side during the day.When there in the sun they stand at attention. And then go back to normal when I bring them back inside.

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Hey @Givemefire I am new at this but I got the 32 x 32 tent with the 1000 watt king led full spectrum and have 4 of the 4gallon pots with room left over there seems to be more than enough light . You should follow the link for free or cheap supplies you can request to review tents and led lighting a bunch cheaper than I paid for mine . The site is it is on here somewhere


Also best choice products tent on Amazon is the one I ordered and was surprised at how well it was put together thick canvas heavy duty zippers and plenty of vents 6 of them

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Tent dimensions look great. Probably need a tad bigger light. Maybe two of those or one that’s twice as big. Says 300 but I tend to look at the actual watts. Mine is a 600 but has 272 actual lights.
Cfls a good addition. I got from Walmart thing where you put bulb in and then plug into an extension cord. It was like 80 cents. Then I had four 23 watt cfls as a boost. I have a 125 watt CFL but when used near the LED I hear a clicking. Idk if its static electricity or what so I turned it off and put away.

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Awesome and thanks. The clf’s I’m using are 150w(actual 46w) @ 2700L 6500k with 5 on right now. Cool I’ll make a thing for clf’s.

High all

Also @Jheezy @Oldstoner @Lovthegro the temp will pretty much be the same as house, or should I run ac like I am now? I only ask cause I just want to be able to plug it into this system and set my ac to the temp I want?

Boy that was a pain to keep these dressers running at house temp. The veg has 12 23w actual at 1600L and the flower is 9 46w actual 2700L. The heat was horrid and it’s already hot enough here a mile from the sun in Florida.

Again thanks


You have some awesome equipment. Ya got a humidity/temp gauge? I got the $10 one from Walmart and put in cabinet. Mine was running a bit hot but I’m in the south and have no ac idk 85 is a good temp I reckon. If you wanna get technical you can research your strain. Some strains can take heat a bit better but there’s a sweet range for day and night id say maybe 85-88 and 75 in sleep times.

Yes it’s 81-74 humidity is deadly here. Got it with some computer fans. Without this system it got over 100 in testing.

Zoinks! Over 100 entering the danger zone. Plant dies. I was sweating over a 90 degree cabinet. Maybe vent in some ac. I was thinking about a portable ac but $200

That’s why I connected the system to the ac. Now it’s chilled and what ever the ac temp is the boxes are the same.

Oh and thanks about my setup.

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@Givemefife that is a nice set up my problem is just the opposite of yours and @Jheezy mine is staying cool all the time and my humidity is only in the low 40s so now I have a small warm humidifier on the way . The tent is in the basement and it runs about 8 to 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house . So at 74 on the first floor we are in the mid 60s the led I use just 72 is as warm as I can get the inside of the tent . I’m think I g when I turn on a fan and a exhaust I might have to get a heat rock something for in there. But that is a sweet setup


Where are you from? I’d love to be too cool right about now lol. Although I started a grow here in NC in March and had to have a heater blowing on grow box. May have to pull heater out on my just started grow


And my ac just kicked on. It won’t shut of until late November. I want cold


@Oldstoner thank you

I’m in central Virginia and it is hot outside but with the air on it is cold in the basement it is on the same A/C as the first floor so it stay colder down there.

I lived near Hampton as a kid. Fun place. For a kid

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I feel ya n fla hear. I run lights at night since I tapped in to my ac. When light out in day time temp stays at 60-62 lights on 75-79 at night. A/C runs all day but cycles at night. Makes for pretty colored buds though


@Muddduck1 what part of Florida. I lived in Clearwater / Clearwater Beach for 45 years now we are near the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I miss Fl. In January and February but not so much in July and August.

My family has a house down in New Port Richey, Fl. I absolutely love being able to go down and enjoy the Florida nature. They have the best waters to kayak in my opinion, the water is crystal clear. Lol we went to “Crystal River” and the natural springs there are INCREDIBLE! I take my kayak down every time I go, just to go to this river haha :v:

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