Question in regards to an autoseed I had planted

Week one is almost into its fruition and I planted 2 germinated seeds, one is showing its first set of true leaves and its two cotyledon leaves, but the other, well, I really don’t know how to put this as I am no good with words, um… it popped out of the soil, but its shell wasn’t cracked except where its tail is located, it wasn’t really settled into the soil, like it just removed itself, if this even makes sense, but the tail seems undamaged, so I replanted it. That said, was this even worth it as the seed is a goner, and just germinate another seed, or do you guys think that the seed will do its thing now that is replanted back into the soil at 1/2 inch?

(If I lose this seed I will be devastated, because last week when I was getting 2 of my germinated seeds ready to plant into their jiffy pellets, I inadvertently, like the basket case I am, poured them right down the drain (yes, I checked the upipe, they were gone). I am not really all that great as far as money right now and losing more of my zen, my medicine, will not sit well with me…)

My amnesia haze jumped right out of the soil and I replanted her and she gave up 8oz. As long as the tap root is good she should spring back up


I am a new grower and can’t tell what a healthy tap root looks like. All I can say is that it didn’t look damaged to me, and just replanted her. How many days should I invest into this replant before its a done deal and just germinate another seed (if I see no growth at all)?

And if the seed is a goner, will the jiffy pellet be reusable?

Btw, that is one beautiful girl you got there! Happy 420 to you, and thanks for your reply.

There’s no telling how long. If the tap root was still white you should be fine. Not a fan of jiffy pellets, just make sure they’re squeezed out of water before dropping. Real easy to drown plants in those. The one good thing about them is it’s easy to open them and check on the seedling. I’d give it at least 4 days before checking on them.

Awesome. Thanks for your advise. From this new grower it is greatly appreciated!

And it was white at the bottom, but looked as if it was turning darker towards the seed itself (very small section). Like the same color as the one that is doing fine. At any rate, I will give it 4 days and see what happens.

They’re GDP autoflower seeds.

If u have any pics upload from here

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Sometimes when the shell is on still when pops out the soil a spritz of water and 10 mins later u can use 2 toothpicks and get it off manually if not stuck on too bad. Welcome and good luck

Curious about something. Shell came completely off the one that is doing fine, but the tips of the cotyledon leaves are what they look like in the photo. Is that normal, or do I have my grow light too close to the plant now?

And furthermore, is it doing okay?