Question...hopefully not stupid


It is getting close to harvest for my grow, and I have a question I was wondering.

I read as the plants produce buds they start to take the nutrients from the fan leaves and the fan leaves start to die off. I read that as long as new growth is looking good and green that is a good way to judge the health of your plant, especially if you had deficiencies or nute burn.

In this instance, would the new grow I should be looking at be the sugar leaves and buds since the plant is obviously killing off the fan leaves?


Yes, your sugar leaves & buds get very frosty. Watch your trichs for your body/mind preferences & keep your humidity down. As fan leaves yellow you can remove them.


That’s about all you can look at if your in flower. Those sugar will grow allot at the beginning of flower but honestly, if your at this point in the timeline

Then there is probably not going to be allot of newer vegetation that you will be able to go by, therefore, your best bet will be to monitor. If she’s not getting worse, then she’s probably getting better.



I am probably 1-2 weeks out. I had a problem with PH and nutrients (first grow) and was told as long as new growth is green and doesn’t show signs. It looks like it’s getting worse because the fan leaves are just yellowing and dying that’s why I wanted to be sure.


Whoever told you this is right, but you have to understand at some point it’s going to be hard to observe “new growth” because there simply won’t be any new growth there if the plant is mature enough.

Late in flower, the only new growth will be bud sites, which will probably have some sugar leaves still growing a little, and you can try and look at those little guys to see what you can see but as the buds fatten and dense up all you will be left to observe is the end of the sugar leaf


I see what your getting at.
Can you post a pic or two bud?



I will post when I am home from work. Gotta love the 8 hour grind lol.


I was scrolling to ask for pic. Worth a thousand words at this point.


The yelloing and dieing ahould start at the bottom and work up if all is well
if all of a sudden you have yellow leaves all over the plant you may have a issue
Other wise your getting good help from the others


@dmykins you got a woohoo from John so you’re probably good haha!

This close to harvest you want to be really leery about any nutrients. We’ll wait for pictures. @dmykins


Definitely need pics. When a plant reaches bud maturity, that point when it can be harvested at any time, it will quite often turn all the remaining fan leaves yellow at once. This yellowing is very different from nutrient burns or deficiencies as they just stop being green. After the fan leaves go it will continue to yellow the sugar leaves as it gets fully ripe on the vine. This is usually the latest point you want to get to before harvest if you are not using trich color for harvesting.


Here are a couple pics. I know they are in rough shape, go easy on me this is my first grow. Some background…I had some pH issues and due to that I haven’t used a lot of nutrients.

I already know what to amend on the next grow lol.

The trichomes are all milky, maybe a couple amber here and there.


Just my opinion bro, and maybe wait for some others to chime in, but I think you can harvest them now.

The plant doesn’t have many leaves to support photosynthesis.

Believe it or not your trikes will continue to mature after harvest

And btw, I don’t think your plant looks bad. I’m not weed prejudice, I like them all :slight_smile:


It might put on a little more bud mass in the next week…


The buds look good. Once a leaf is damaged it doesn’t come back so the ph issue caused the browning and crisping. If you can see Amber in the trichs then it’s just a matter of taste when you harvest.

I would continue giving nothing but ph correct water till you harvest imo.


Ok so next step is to help get you a better yield next time yes? So what kind of soil are you using and what kind of light?



Soil I used was FFOF in smart pots.

I have a Galaxy Hydro 300W Led and a Roleadro 270W UFO light. I also have 4 LED’s full spectrum lights that plug into regular light sockets for the sides. Before my next grow, I may look into additional lighting.

My problem originally stemmed from a cheap PH meter and not having the proper PH which caused lockout and a host of other issues. Unfortunately I didn’t really react until I was well into flower, which I also didn’t use many nutrients by fear of making things worse.


Like @Donaldj always says: it’s easier to add nutrients than to take it away. Cautious is good. For your first grow you did exceptionally well.


A ppm meter would be a good investment makes it easier to figure out when you should be feeding and also measure how much you are really adding :wink:



I do have a TDS/EC meter, although I’ve read here people calibrate them and the one I purchased supposedly comes calibrated and doesn’t need it. I haven’t used it because it’s the same brand as the crappy PH meter I purchased that gave me issues…