Question from customer: Why don't my plants put out as strong a smell and get as sticky as they do outside?


I have found that coco coir and perlite(25% perlite and 75% coco coir) added with some worm casting grows beautiful auto flowers.

The only problem is that they do not put out a strong flowering smell as I got when a friend takes one of the same auto flower strains at 5 weeks old and grows it the last 3 weeks in the sun. Let us not mention how sticky and heavy the buds get that it causes the branches to bend downward and when he brings the plant back to me, I can smell the buds from the parking stall in front of my unit all the way up to my 2nd floor townhouse unit.

All the nutrients are given the same as indoors.
What am I missing here? the plants grown at the same time all look their healthy selves, but the one grown under the sun the last 3 weeks of their 8 week harvest time has everything you want out of a plant! But the ones grown indoors has some stickiness, but no smell coming from it unless you pinch a bud and smell your fingers.


there aren`t better parents than daddy sun and momy earth, they will bring out the best any has to offer…


True that the sun hits at far more angles then a indoor light can(and at spectrums that are very hard for us to replicate) there’s a few tricks like fulvic acid and mykos to make up for it but we’re just imitators in the end