Question from beginner regarding starting to grow outdoors


I’ve just bought some Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem) (I like the name) and some White Widow (fem). I am awaiting the delivery as I’m typing this. My question is if any of these is prefered to grow outdoors/indoors and also if it is too late to start growing them outdoors due to the season? summer around the corner here.

Thanks in advance!

Its kind of pushing it for outdoor grow, I think you are little late to this year, but go for it, better late than never :wink:

Thanks for the reply! Maybe I just take some seeds and try out the process to see what happends and meanwhile I can aquire an indoor setup, For how long can you store the seeds?

I think 2 years storage is ok , my buddy just seeded some of his stash from 2015 and it all germinated fine…straight into soil, no soaking or wet towel…
But that is as he does it, you shoulf follow ILGM recommendations…

And BTW, the White widow is awesome !

Thanks! Looking forward to it then with the White Widow :slight_smile: Will have some for next season then. Approximately when can you start going straight to soil? early/mid spring?

I germinated my first batch in late February, but I got greenhouse where I kept them for a while…
Generally a month before the average last freeze should be ok, you can keep them in 1-3 gal pots, then plant outside either in the ground or some big pots, I have some in ground and some in 50 gal pots…
The bigger the pot, the bigger the tree :wink:
Happy growing !!


Thank you for sharing! Will be looking forward to the whole process! :slight_smile:


I’ve read girl scout cookies should be grown indoors. About 60 days flowering time. I do believe.

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My current grownis from seeds that were purchased 2 years ago from ILGM and all 5 popped and sprouted and are almost ready to harvest.
If you keep them in a cool dry dark spot they will last a while. I keep them in the packaging they came in.


Do you remember what it is due to? This site had in the details indoor and outdoor for beginners, either way I think it all depends on what you aim for :slight_smile: