Question from a beginner

I’m 67 and new at growing my own. Got some white widow couple of inches above ground. Question, what is ‘‘autuflowering’’?


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If your starting off, I highly recommend reading the free grow bible offered here. It’s a great place to get started.

Auto-Flowering plants have a genetic marker to trigger the flowering to start, without having to change the light timing. Normally these “Auto” plants have lighting set to 18 hours on, 6 hours off.

The non-Auto, normally referred to as normal or photosensitive plants require 12 hous on, 12 hours off, to trigger the plant to flower.

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Het @olephartt welcome to ILGM, I’m not 67 but new to growing also !! White Widow is a great plant and good for beginners too, Are the plants you have now female plants or are you looking to get AutoFlowering plants?
Autos are great plants too , although relatively smaller yields, they are compact in size,and have a shorter flowering period.
The White Widow Auto is a good indoor plant, good for beginner grows and has a high THC 18%,

FyshhTrap…sorry for not responding sooner. Yeah, plants are female. Was curious about autos. May try them next grow just to see how much smaller their yield really is.

New here and hoping to learn a lot!

Welcome @BloodRoot, we"re here to help in any way, Lots of Great growers here with friendly advice,
good luck with your grow <*)))><{

Thanks @FyshhTrap…looks like a lot to know but I am willing to learn! Excited to get started!

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Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum to ask a beginner question.

I have a few plants growing outdoor in a 10 gallon bucket. They are now about six weeks ( seeds germinated in mid-November) and one tree is showing some seed-like nodes.

I am trying to figure out whether or not this is a male plant. Uploading a couple of photos to this forum so that the experts can help me identify this.

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Sorry bud it’s a boy

Hey @aruna if he is with more plants I would move immediately