Question from a beginner about smoke


I did my first grow this year. White Widow Auto. One plant foxtailed. The buds from the other two were fine, but light and airy. I use a vaporizer. I’ve noticed that my bud vapes fast compared with the WW I get from the dispensary. What I mean is: I load the pipe with the exact same amount of my WW as I do the dispensary’s WW. I’ll get 7 or 8 pulls from the dispensary’s, but only 3 or 4 from mine. I’m not complaining, mind. My stuff is pretty damn potent. But I am curious. Any thoughts?


Maybe because they ar not fat enough… Just a thought


A cleaner bud burns and smokes easier faster dispensories buy in bulk by weight from large growers this is simple math a plant force fed and pumped full of nutrients with shorter flush weighs more. Dried fast and under flushed the bud burns slow pops and spits while smoking may require lighting multiple times might surprise you to know many growers aren’t smokers


I think density too. how fine do you grind it? The rougher the grind, the longer it will take for dense stuff to burn.


never thought of that, makes good sense though


@Whodat66 Both ground the same. Fine but not powdery


Ah, I see. Would that explain why mine is so much more potent than the dispensary’s?


OK, that’s all I got. I’m just thinking even little pieces that are dense will vape longer than fluffier stuff.

Think charcoal versus leaves


They buy in bulk and need to have supply so far less attention is given to quality so much as appearance of quality airy buds can be just as strong as compact so don’t worry you did a fine job