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When I started my girls I noticed a strong diesel smell throughout the vegging stage and I noticed that when i flipped the switch that the smell is almost non existent . It’s best described as a bud that isn’t cured

Is this normal for flowering plants ? ( I’m just coming off a flower transition )

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Yeah the smell may come and go throughout Veg and transition. Once the plants hit full bloom though the smell should come back.

I’ve experienced the same thing many times myself. IMO and just my opinion, the strong weed smell disappearing and coming back has something to do with ph and or a lock out . But again just my opinion. After growing inside for over a year I can’t smell weed at all anymore, I do get the sent of lemon :lemon:, or cookies :cookie:, or coffee, some times but it fades as well. After noticing this a few times I started paying more attention to ph, when my plants start having problems smell decreases. Maybe it’s in my head idk :neutral_face:.



Yeah I do have a ph lockout . My runoff read 5.5 but I know what i did wrong . Cal deficiency to be exact . I been ph the water before I added nutes lol rookie mistake

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Rookie mistakes we’ve all made them and keep making them from time to time. But learning from our mistakes is the best thing we can do. The topic of smell decreasing has come up a few times on this site and to tell the truth no one really knows. I gave my opinion as an opinion, and believe it does have something to do with it. But again not sure :thinking:. This is a topic that needs much attention right now. And I do believe that soon we will have an answer and a remedy . Until then I’m gonna monitor ph like it’s on parole, keep my environment locked in the best I can.


That’s the best way to do it. Keep everything under control. But yeah hopefully we find a soulution maybe it’s genetics ? With millions of strains there bound to be bad average and excellent genes so I don’t blame ilgm .

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Yes that is normal