Question for the fella's


hey guys and girls, i have a question that i need some input on. I have 4 Blueberry Autos in flower at the moment which are 73 days old today, i am getting seriously low on my current supply and was wondering if i can chop a few buds to try to hold me over until they finish? Do you all think it will be worth it and will it produce at least some sort of high? They look like they have been showered with sugar and smell fruity as hell. Here is a picture so you all can get an idea. Thanks everyone…


You can but I suggest you take the ones which are least likely to succeed lower limbs this may actually help as it will stop your plant wasting energy on under developed buds. Taking anything near the top is robbing yourself of best buds as well it stresses your plant far more which may cause hermi or other nasty side effects


thanks donald. thats where i was going to take them from. @garrigan62 @latewood @Dumme @Nug-bug what do you all think? can i take a few buds from them?


Personally, if at all possible I would let them finish and hit up dude one more time.


I’d wait, it all possible, and see if a trusted friend could spare some. Dont get me wrong, I’ve done it, but I was never happy with it as I prefer more amber, and would normally look for better anyways.

That’s a crappy situation to be in :frowning: You gotta do what you gotta do, right. Good luck man.


I did that with about 6 grams on my white widow and it had been so long I don’t like to say the number of years and still wish I had waited. Did I get high ? Yes but it had been since the 90s that I smoked . I thought wow this is good smoke it just tasted like crap. Well after it matured and went through the dry and cure process I wish I would have just picked up a half instead the difference was huge and my smoke ended up being much nicer than thier weed is . Sorry your in that spot man I have often fantasized about the day when weed is just accepted and legal so we could all just swap info and mail each other half ounce samples and get to try the strains we haven’t tasted yet or , like your situation send you a z and when you harvest you send one back . But alas it is not legal so good luck bud


@Oldstoner, yes maybe one day. We can hope, but till then of to find yourself downdraft here in my country hit me up


Once you chop off some buds; You will come back and back again, eventually diminishing your yield to “low”. Be patient as all our friends here have advised


Thanks guys, luckily my guy finally hit me up and i was able to pick up a half to hopefully hold me off till mine finish. Have any of you all heard of the strain called “Borderliner” its some pretty amazing bud i must say. Its what my guy grows and i have been buying for the last three months.


Glad to hear you didn’t have to take anything from the ladies
I also think it best to let them finish before harvest
And agree with what @Donaldj said about taking the smaller stuff from bottom :+1::grin::v:️️
Never heard of that strain but I’m going to look it up lol
Happy growing


I cheated on my first grow (Rookie Mistake) and picked a bud or two. It was no where as good and sent me into coughing fits! It got me a little high but not what I wanted. After I waited and properly dried and cured it, the AK -47 was a smooth and excellent high. My favorite now ! Glad you were able to get some hold over weed, sounds like it was pretty good too. Good luck with your finish and let us know how it came out. Jerry


Lol I never consider lower popcorn buds a measure of what my ladies will be when finished and cured but do trim sucker shoots and save for oil so to me in a pinch they will do the trick. I am sure we’ve all been there time money invested and not wanting to buy a bag to me that extra bag is nutes for next cycle hydro bill or new seeds. So very much a matter of priority all good though if you have decent yield you won’t be in the position again any time soon and each crop tends to get better


At this stage of the game .every dry gram you cut will cost you 1/4-1/2 oz in the end … i just wait till the drought is over then relish the rewards . it’s worth the wait . . these picts show that they are just starting to bud really wait if you can but it is your call . take care …

Hammer .