Question for the experts...?


Hi All, I am about to start my 3rd indoor grow. For the first grow I used strictly ProMix from Home Depot. It works.
The second grow I also used ProMix and incorporated the used soil from the first grow since I switched from 7 gallon fabric pots (1st) to 25 gallon fabric pots (2nd). It worked also.
For the 3rd grow I bought FF Ocean Forest soil to mix with new ProMix and the used soil from the second grow.
Does anyone have any comments or thoughts about my using “used” soil since I am providing all the bites necessary for the girls to grow to their fullest???
Thank You!!!


Damn autocorrect!
Nutes not bites!


I use soil more than once if I need too. I try to use new soil when I can because it helps keep bug issues down that may be starting in the old soil. Also Ffof is a hotter soil so I would start slow with the nutes til they show what they can take.


My only thought would be as above, carrying over insects, mold, fungus, disease and whatever else forward. Maybe start fresh every few grows?


You can mix peroxide with water to kill off any bad bacteria, otherwise if reusing soil there are always ways of keeping it strong and able to use rather than used up and no good


@Stomper @PhantomFarmer @Majiktoker thanks for your responses… I’m growing indoors so I’m not too worried about bugs but mold and fungus are two valid concerns…


Peroxide would definitely help with that and any other bad bacteria usually 1/2 tsp per gallon @Ace2012