Question for planting in South Florida

I am new to growing outdoors. I did indoor grows but I found outdoor sunshine produced better buds for me. I want to know if I should start to germinate now as the days get slowly longer and hope for a march April harvest. It will start to get hot after that and rainy season will start in summer. I had good luck with seeds I germinated in late july.

Are you doing auto flowers?

no just some seeds from an Afgani I grew and harvested a few weeks ago

Then unless you bring them inside for 12hrs of darkness every day, they won’t start to flower until around late august

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I want to start them now the august - dec harvest was very good already done

You said you were hoping for a March/April harvest but it can’t happen with photo plants (unless grown inside where you can manipulate the light schedule). They need 11-12 hours of darkness to trigger flowering. That won’t happen outdoors until sometime late summer. If they receive less than the 11-12 hours of darkness each day they stay in vegetative mode.

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We kick into 12 @ 12 March 14 r ember its South Florida different Attitude make for a different attitude and higher altitude LOL

Oh you’re talking about getting them in before the longer days? Sure you could probably do it. Not sure how the days getting longer and light getting more intense will effect them. Kind of backwards to what they’re naturally used to.

I know just trying to see if anyone has had this experience If it ok I can get 3- 4 growing seasons here.

It’s definitely worth a shot. My biggest concerns in it would be if the plant didn’t finish in time, it would start to reveg or the low winter light intensity just grew larf. If you have the seeds then take the shot. I’d like to see the outcome.

I tend to agree with you I like to experiment it in my blood

I put my early season crop out in February.
They started budding march 10.
I don’t believe that they will reveg til the second week of may. By then the buds should be done.
Plant is three feet tall and should provide a couple ozs. And yes, it is a photoperiod.