Question for people with MARS HYDRO LED?

to anyone who has bought mars hydro led’s, i have a question on the shipping. i ordered two 300watt’s last thursday and they are coming from the manufacture in California and it says it usually only takes 2-3 days for shipping yet my tracking number/tracking sticker was printed on thursday when i ordered but when i try to track it, it only says that a tracking number has been created. i went onto their website and almost all their reviews are about how fast their shipping was. i am hoping that it is on its way and close but i was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long it took to get their lights? i am just so antzy to get them on my girls.

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it’s ok @pbs86 they’ll get there! try to think about butterflies or something! lol i am the same way,when i order it i want it then! just be patient…

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haha @BIGE your too much man, i am just like you, when i order something i want it now. i would have payed for next day delivery but it was not an option. UGHHHHHHHH i want my damn lights

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yea i’m kinda new to the mail order thing,i’m used to going somewhere buying what i need and taking it home!!lol i ordered some seeds over the holidays,bad idea! i was fit to be tied by the time they got here,a few days early!!lol

right i was like that when i ordered my first seeds. i actually should order more now since i am only about 3 weeks from harvest. any recommendations for seeds? i want something for a good daytime smoke

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i bought the autoflower mix pack my first go,i have only tried the underbrush leaves and some spider buds…i will be able to tell you more in a month or so!lol

which ones are you growing now?

i heard the durban poison is a good daytime smoke…

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that is actually the one i was looking at but they only have it as regular seeds, no autos or feminized and i dont want no male plants

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yea,me neither how about chocalope?
green crack! ak-47 i had to go look again…lol

I just bought 3 and they got to me in 3-4 days

@Nug-bug did you order them from ebay? im thinking they will be here by tomorrow because it says they are coming from their warehouse in NY. its just not giving me anything on the ups website about tracking except that their shipping label was created last week???

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Oh my bad,I got mine from amazon sorry should’ve read closer before I replied

ya-hoooo my lights will be here today! im so excited


I’m a big fan of the white widow for daytime smoke but in all fairness I haven’t tried any of the new strains yet so you might find one you like better ? good luck!

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ahh ha see i told you @pbs86 it will be worth the wait,i hope!

I have 2 of the 300w LEDs, and I love them! I’m going to pair them with a 600w HID for flower this time around. Should be awesome! You’ll love them when you get em