Question for Experienced SCROGers

I have a 5x5 tent and plenty of PVC. Planning on the length of the SCROG being 4.5’, which is wall-to-wall in one dimension. My question is what is the optimal width? I’m thinking about 2’, 2.5’, and 3’, though at 3’ it will limit my ability to get under the SCROG to manage growth underneath the canopy.



1 plant, 2 plants?

Probably 3 if it can be managed. I dunno. It’s my first run at SCROG. I’m all giddy thinking about it. lol.

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I SCROG. Grow space, pot size, strain, lights etc all play a role.

Here’s what I did: I wanted to grow 3 mature plants in my 4 X 6 grow box. So I divided the screens into 1/3’d: 22" wide. I also want airflow around the screen so left it at 36" which gave me 6" front and back.

The last 3 plant run I did harvested just shy of 2 pounds for 3 plants and one was genetically deficient.

If you size your screen too large for the plant’s roots, you will be chasing trouble. The screen you are contemplating is pretty big.


So maybe I should go 2 foot for this first run and then adjust based on what I experience.

I do get that it will be somewhat strain dependent.

Like he said. 3 plants in a single screen is more complicated.

Once they’re set in there, there’s no moving anything without risk/damage. I’ve grown 3 plants in a single screen, and vowed to keep them separate after that.


I may also run a 2 footer laterally to the larger screen to add an extra plant. Probably a sativa, as it will need to be taller than my current grow, which are indica.

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Good ideas and I’m glad I posted. Maybe I need to back up and do 3 2.5x2.5 screens instead of one big one.

Three plants max.


Absolutely keep different strains in different screens.

Also, be sure to leave plenty of space between the top of the container and the bottom of the screen. I like a good 16”-18”. It gives me room to get under there for feeding, and room for air to circulate.


@Drinkslinger makes a great point: I would never put more than one plant in a screen.

My last plant in that screen:

14 oz of flower


@Myfriendis410 Gorgeous plant you have (had) there!


Back to original question.

If it were me, in a 5’x5’, I’d build 2 screens. Each 2’x3’. That way you can position them in the tent for adequate airflow and maneuverability.

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How do you divide up the screen? How do the cell sizes affect the plant?

You build a separate screen for each plant.

The larger the screen, the longer it takes to fill.

No, I mean what net cell sizes do you use, and how does that affect the grow. Do you use 4”x4” or 6”x6”?


I do rectanglular 4 X 6 as I find the rectangular opening easier to thread hardened off branches through.


That is beautiful…

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Anybody can SCROG. It’s a great, easy technique for maximizing your space. I’m not convinced it improves yields much but I use it to contain the plant height.


I use a 3.5 in net and attach to the sides of the tent. plant height and training are the main reasons I use one, even canopy…

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I’m more like 3.5”x3.5”.