Question for all, a "typical auto flower" what do you consider low yield

To clarify better, I’m not looking for braggadocios claims and SOGS, but what is the minimum you feel you’re looking for out of 1 Auto Flower plant. And the weight is it at cutting or final clean cured weight.
Then do you grow multiples or different strains to stave off any loss from disease/stupidity or do you put all your effort into 1 or 2 plants and 1 strain.
Just trying to figure out parameters of what is high low and what others do.
Myself, I usually have 2 strains 3 ea, on a 90 day cycle seed to harvest. My yield will follow and I feel I do well per plant

low average - .25 to .50 gram/watt
average - 1.0 to 1.5 gram/watt
above average - 1.75 + gram/watt

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