Question and experience poll about Sucanat pH down

I have only used GH pH down liquid product for my pH control needs in hydroponic systems, and I am looking for an alternative. I use GH FloraNova series for my nutrient base, and I have high alkalinity (7.0-7.5) water. I notice that the nutrients alone add some acidity, but, I am going through the pH down like gangbusters. In searching for an alternative I ran across a Sucunat pH formula.

Apparently the Sucunat sugar is soaked in citric acid, and that’s about all I can find on this product; aside from, recommended amounts, etc… . I have read a singular report that Sucunat in a hydro system can “clog it up”. My personal thought on that was, “don’t use so much”. I also saw many reports of Sucanat being used in place of molasses during flower, but nothing about use during veg; which, makes sense to me, because I have never added carbs pre flower.

Here are my questions:

  1. Can Sucunat be used during the veg period without adverse effects?
  2. Will Sucunat “clog” a hydro system?
  3. Do you have experience using a citric acid soaked carb to control you pH?

Your input is desperately sought. I am running very low on GH pH Down, and do not want to acquire more if a more organic and plant beneficial product can be substituted.

Thank you!