Question about yield

I know this is a beginner question, so please bare with me, I’m curious if someone can tell me if this kola will be one giant nug once it has finished flowering. I’m trying to antisipate my harvest and would love some input

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Yes it will be one giant Cola , but what you must understand is when you harvest you are going to lose 75% of whatever you’re looking at , after it’s dried and cured , that’s why we all want giant buds at the end of harvest because they shrink like a motherfu ¥*er … :wink:

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Have you guys seen Remo nutrient grow on YouTube , "Buds bigger than your head " check that video out if you want to see big massive buds , they size of new born babies !

Thanks guys, I did know about the “shrinkage” that happens after harvest. Even if I don’t get a hell of a lot on the dry weight, I’ll still be happy that I didn’t kill the bitch lol. It’s a learning process for me, thanks again and keep those comments coming

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Honestly a C4 plant is very resilient even under stressful conditions as long as you keep them watered and pH balanced they will survive. My brother @peachfuzz be torturing his babies cause of his busy schedule but they always bounce back and produce. But I was told some of the best smoke comes from stressed plants, I think that’s kind of sort of how gorilla glue was developed if I’m not mistaken, it was kind of accident that turn out to be one of the top ten strains in 2016 and high in THC.


That thing about most potent stuff coming from stressed plants could be true…
Buddy of mine had some blueberry northern lights left alone up in the mountains, came to check on them after first snow came…they were quite small, but he said that was the best s$%t he ever smoked…:slight_smile:


I’ve heard that from several novice growers before that a fair amount of stress can really ramp up the quality.


Again sorry for the dumb question, what is "C4 " ?

It’s to much to write but it’s how a plant photorespirize with more oxygen than carbon monoxide…it’s a very interesting read if you look into it, gives much more insight on growing and how cannabis plants thrive in stressful climates and fertilization.