Question about Veg/Flower time periods

I see where ILGM denotes “Flowering Period” for each strain in the description. If “X” strain is said to have a flowering period of “55 days” does this mean that the plant will be harvested on the 55th day from seed germination? from seed planting? from sprouting? or after a period of vegetative growth? Thanks for clarifying this for me.

I’m asking for both Auto & Reg. Thanks.

Usually this is an average of how long this strain will take, it’s always good to add an additional 2-4 weeks from the said to to make sure that are done for example one that says 55 days leave it for 76 days might as well leave it an extra day so it flowers 11 weeks total time


The longer it goes, the more locky it will be.:japanese_ogre:

I believe that would be 55 days after vegetation.

Perhaps I should clarify. As an example, ILGM states in the desciption of it’s White widow Autoflower strain as “Flowering period Average (56 days)”.

Does this mean it will begin flowering in 56 days from germination? or
Does this mean it will take 56 days to complete the flower period after a period of vegetative growth? If so, how long is the vegetation period? or
Does this mean something else entirely? If so, what?


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All do respect and I do appreciate the reply but unfortunately the question is still unanswered. [quote=“Majiktoker, post:3, topic:8488”]
so it flowers 11 weeks total time

“total time” from when?

I’m asking specifically if it’s “X” days to harvest from germination or from sprout or from the first day the plant enters the flowering period. If the number does represent only the amount of time the plant is flowering then how much time is an autoflower plant in veg before it decides to flower? The reason I’m asking such specific questions is because I’m trying to forecast when to expect my plant to flower. But in order to do that I need to know when to begin counting the days. Thanks.

@dudeguy, the overall growth time for me is around 4 1/2 months, 2 months of vegetative stage and 2 1/2 months of flowering stage . That’s an average, you can force flowering after a month and a month and a half but you gone a have less yielding and that is for regular feminized seeds, for the auto feminized you don’t have to worry about that, it will occur naturally, by it’s own.

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Hate to be this way but I’m gunna be blunt now…with all do respect your question was answered, I should have stated it more specifically. 11 weeks total time would be saying 11 weeks from start of flower (as soon as white pistils are present)

Autoflowers naturally decide they are old enough to flower by age (that’s there ruderalis trait) normally an autoflower plant will flower around its 4-6th week old, and I know I said 11 weeks total time but I’m gunna correct myself here cause that was a mistake. Most autoflowers will finish in no less than 90-110 days from the very start. (Once it first pops out of the soil).


Thanks @Majiktoker for the clarifying :innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:

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Auto times are from seed to finish

In your example 55 days in flower would be after a seedling and vegetation period and likely a 10 day - 2 week stretch period as well

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