Question about using tap water

That’s not distilled water. Distilled water is evaporated and condensed.

Boiling water, however, will remove a lot of ‘temporary hardness’ (aka calcium & magnesium carbonates) & lower the water’s TDS.

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This is absolute correct, the distilled water is actually the condensation of this water. I guess you would need to stihl it to be properly distilled. (Through the coil and into another container)

You could do all that or you could just use tap water straight out of the tap - NO HARM at all to the plants.
Chlorine is actually a trace element that can be used by the plant. And most of the chlorine in tap water is absorbed by the top inch or so of the soil well away from the root zone.
It will damage colonies of microbes but within 24 hours levels are back where they were before using the tap water.

As long as you adjust the Ph and nute solution in the case of high PPM water there is absolutely zero problem with using straight, fresh tap water.

Let the naysayers chime in now, but there’s this thing, called science and facts, and they back me up!


Lol the gauntlet has been thrown!! Come and get it lol! Get’em Ty!!

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I have to agree as well. Id only be concerned with the tds and ph of the water.

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I had a teacher in 9th grade that taught a special class that was Physics, Biology and Chemistry class rolled into one class and he taught us how to make Moonshine.

It would be easy to take a pressure cooker and make distilled water with it. Take off the release pressure valve and attach a hose to it. Wrap the tube in circles so it can take the water to steam then into distilled water.

He said to make like a enclosed box with running water to cool the steam down. It would be easy to make as well but not really needed with long enough tubing. :+1:

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