Question about using colloidal silver

From a fellow grower: how do I use colloidal silver, is it the more i use the more male seeds will come out or the less i use the more female seeds or will it be 50/50 male female no matter how much colloidal silver i use?. I have some coming in in a couple of days that way i can flip to flower while using colloidal silver so i can get seeds, also i have your fire og and godfather og in separate rooms if i put them both in a tent and flip both to flower with colloidal silver will i have created (godfather og x fire og)strain ?

Colloidal silver does not produce seeds. It produces male flowers on a female plant from which you collect pollen. Once the pollen is collected you can use it to fertilize female flowers which will then produce seeds.

Follow product directions and spray colloidal silver on a few branches of a female plant to cause the plant to produce the male flowers in the area you have sprayed. The more branches you spray, the more male flowers you will get.

The female flowers you pollinate with the male pollen you have created will produce feminized seed.

If you want to create your own strain, for example, then spray colloidal silver on the fire OG to produce fire OG male pollen and then use that male pollen to pollinate the godfather OG flowers (or vice versa.) The godfather og will then produce godfather x fire feminized seed.


To be honest for what ive read and seen on YouTube your best of using STS spray it works alot better then colloidal Silver but it can be expensive

All good advice. Mine is google how to use colloidal silver and do some reading there is a lot of information that will pop up. I mean you already bought it might as well use it.
The basics of it is just spray the flowers of a known female when she starts to flower every day for a while.
Then when you get the pollen put it on another female plant when it is in full flower. This will produce feminized seeds.
The reason for pollinating a different plant is to reduce the chances of having plants that will turn into hermaphrodite plants themselves. All seeds from the hermaphrodite plant that you forced to herm should be disposed of because they have more of a chance of herming. Disposing of them will make life easier when you grow the seeds you made.
Anyway google it read and then move forward.