Question about trimming

Question from a fellow grower:

what do you guys think about trimming about 75% of the plant the last couple of days in the flush week ?

Take of only fan leaves - your other leaves are still needed (sugar leaves) Type of strain growing?

your plant uses the energy still stored in it’s fan leaves if your flush is finished your fan leaves should be dead or yellowing. If they are not leave them on they are helping flush by respiring drawing water up through the plant they also serve to help break down more nitrogen a properly flushed plant will have fan leaves that look sick as shit yellow brown

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Want more light on buds the last few days?
I’ve read about it…
Most people do not recommend removing anything but dead leaves.
You can find a few that advise it

Take the advice of the many, or the few…

Cutting or pruning anything stresses plant it wastes energy trying to heal which at the end of flower cycle equals less weight slowed development not very many good things off the top of my head could come from it

Well I’m not going to encourage it. I can see all dead and yellow leaves. But leave the green one’s


Thanks Guys. I was trying to speed up the trimming process. With removing the leaves.

Fan leaves are of no use after week 4 of flower

Steve yes they are i’m surprised you said that…lol
Though’s leaves act as solar panels which distribute energy through the plant and are very vital to the plant


You are correct! was thinking about something else - thanks for your input. Guess that’s why we all help each other

Its all good and I kinda figured that…lol