Question about training Photos

I’m growing Skywalker OG (photo) in a 3x4 grow tent. I’m about to transplant them into 5 gallon buckets (w/drainage holes) on Friday.

My husband is concerned about the Skywalkers growing too tall and becoming too close to the lights because of them being photo, not auto.

However, I thought that is one of the reasons why you would low-stress train them? Besides the reason of training them for a better yield. Right?

I’m growing skywalker og myself. And I believe your right with the LST. But it depends on genetics tho usually they are more bushy…but I’m newer to growing so if anyone could correct me go for it.

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@MadamCalamity Oo, when did you start your Skywalker?

If you started yours before March 24th, would you happen to have any pictures of your seedlings?

And if you’ve transplanted them already; how old were they when you did and how big a container? Much thanks in advance!

This is my very first grow, so I wanted to make sure that what I’ve read and researched retains correctly. I’ve read the downloadable growing guide and read through all the different stages in the grow guides. My babies are only 1 week 2 days old (March 24th) from when they popped out of the soil. So now I’m going back through all the guides that pertain to my certain stage to double check and refresh myself. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed researching anything other than citrus care (hobby) but now I can’t stop :joy:

I feel you! I’ve been the exact same way :joy: My plants are 12 days old since they popped the soil so still just seedlings. I checked my roots this morning and I decided to transplant them today into a 5 gal fabric pot and they are doing great… super happy plants. Their final pot will be 7 gal.
Can you put a pic of your plants so I can see please? If they popped the soil March 24th then I believe at this point they should be in they’re final pot…

5 gallon bucket around 16” + plant veg around 4-5 weeks at around 6-8” above pot depending on how much she fills your net and a 24” stretch. 48”. You can keep that lower with more weaving in and out of your net and control the stretch that way. 40”

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@MadamCalamity Oops! I meant May 24th :joy:

:joy::joy::joy: okay I was kinda confused…here are mine

I would definitely check your roots…I’m sure you could transplant them…mine popped the soil may 22nd

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I love the names! Yours looks great!!

Here are my girls…

Yours are further along than mine are, I guess that goes to show that lighting really matters! (we’ll not discuss what I’m using for lighting right now… I have a 600watt hps/mh light coming in tomorrow)

I’m using the clear solo cups so I can put them into the red cups to check on the roots, based on the roots when should you transplant? When the tap root starts to circle?

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I mean everyone does it differently it depends on the growers preference. I transplanted right before the tap roots circled like they were just starting to circle and I sprinkled some mykos when I transplanted them to prevent them from stressing out. Definitely not something you have to do but it helps. Some growers wait until it’s a huge root ball some don’t even wait for the tap roots to get half way down their solo cup. How long you intend to veg for, how strong you want your roots to be etc it all depends on what you want to do with your grow.

When you transplant to another container, does that mean they are in veg stage?

How long does the seedling stage last and when you know they’re in veg?

I have some roots circling the base of the cup but they’re not a tight ball. I’m planning on transplanting Friday into 5 gallon buckets (would fabric be better for my next grow?) when I have everything to complete my tent set up :blush:

Good morning Hempqueen9, the seeding stage is 2 weeks. That’s from ground breaking and still should be covered by a dome for humidity and it gives the girls a chance to set down a good root base. Veg starts adr the end of that 2 weeks. Your veg period is up to you and high high you want them to grow. Remember when you flip the light from 18/6 to 12/12 your ladies will go through a stretch period and will grow another 18”-24” during flower. Hope that helps a little

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This helps a ton! Thank you so much!

Would you recommend applying both the green screen & the bending and securing them low-stress training together to help?

Don’t be in a hurry to transplant, the longer you wait and the bigger the plant, the more roots there are, with more roots the root/dirt ball will hold together better and not fall apart on you, making for a stress-free transplant for you and the plant. You hear about transplant stress and such - mostly from people who transplant too early, my plants love being transplanted and take off after each transplant.

Here’s my plants on the day they were transplanted out of solo cups and into 1 gal mesh pots

What the roots looked like at that point, the roots are holding it all together

After the transplant, see how happy they look the day after a transplant, no stress here


I learned to grow horizontal due to my plants hitting over 7 feet tall indoors. Sativas you got to stay on top of. If you tie down the tallest colas and they get enough weight, you can release them. They will stay in place due to the weight.

Or do some Scrog training.


@MrPeat Scrog Thanks for the experience share, I will definitely keep it in mind!

Is the greenscreen the netting, right?

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@Hempqueen9 It can be several different colors to my knowledge. I see black as the most used color for the netting. :+1::+1::+1:

If you do FIM, you really need a Silica to strengthen the branches up as fans just won’t cut it. My last Auto bent in half since the main stalk was around 3/4 inch thick. The cola was over 4 inches wide and 16 inches tall.

To do Scrog you will need PVC pipes to make for a stable netting. Easy to do.


@Hellraiser this drastically helps me out! Thank you so much, I have been curious about what the roots should look like before transplanting (I’ve been using clear solo cups to slide into the red ones to check the roots).

I noticed you transplanted into a 1 gallon as the next size, I have 1 gallon nursery pots & 5 gallon buckets (will be drilling drainage holes). Would you recommend to pot into a 1gal and then the final pot size? Would 3,5, or 7 gallons big enough for a 3x4 grow tent (photo grow)? Would grow bags/mesh bags be better for a Coco grow than the nursery pots and buckets?

Sorry for all the questions and much thanks in advanced!

I would love to tag you in my journal for my first ever grow and get your advice along the way. After reading different posts, I know you’re a respected grower!


I wouldn’t go over 5 gallon buckets and or 5 gallon fabric pots. The one disadvantage I have seen in 15 gallon pots the soil is loose and this means the plant can bend over.

You have limited space so bigger the pots, the less you can put in your grow tent.


I usually do 2 transplants with my seed grows, from solo cup to 1 gal and then to 5 gal now that I grow in coco (in soil I went from solo cup to 3 gal to 7 gal).

I find transplanting to appropriate sized pots makes for faster plant growth and easier watering practices, with my transplants I can water to runoff every watering, where if you went from solo cup to 5 gal, you would not want to water to runoff as it’d take a really long time to dry up a bit (small plant in big pot syndrome).

Yes I would.

I find 5 gal pots are fine for coco grows and most growers would even be fine with 3 gal pots, specially if not growing giant plants like I do - my plants are usually between 5-6 feet tall at harvest.

Yes. I went from plastic pots to fabric pots and then from fabric pots to mesh pots, each was an improvement over the other. I love the Rain Science and Radicle mesh grow bags/pots. Fabric or mesh pots will allow more oxygen to the roots, mesh being even a bit better than fabric. Also allows the media to dry up a little faster to avoid over-watering problems (though not much of a problem in coco - specially with perlite in it).

The one pain is transplanting out of fabric or mesh pots so many do solo cup to 1 or 2 gal plastic pot and then into fabric or mesh for the final pot.

Tag me in your journal and I’ll answer any questions you have.

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@Hellraiser beginner question, but are mesh/fabric bags reusable?

Based your advice, I’m gonna wait a few days to transplant into the 1gallon nursery pot (until the roots are more similar to yours) and order some 5gal fabric (probably mesh) grow bag/pots.

I’m gonna tag you in my grow journal (growing in Coco and perlite , 70/3% mix)

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