Question about topping

Question from a fellow grower:

I am in Australia. when would be the last chance to do a second top? ive just top last week after 8 nodes on a strawberry lemonade regular iam thinking 2nd week in January or is that too late?

@ILGM.Stacy. I’d prob go another 2 weeks and then top again. Also depends on when you want to switch to flower.
Give about a week after topping before switching your lights to 12/12. :v:
Assuming grown indoor. :wink:

I think they’re outdoors.

If I’m reading the tables correctly, and I’m probably not, flowering probably won’t start until March outdoors in Australia.

I’m not an expert on shaping the plant, but your plan sounds fine. If anything, I’d cut down to the 5th node, and top the new growth in another month.

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Thank’s, yeah growing outdoors

Our longest day is December 22 outdoors


Try super cropping after 2 wks from the topping… You can do this up to the last two weeks of VEG…

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Do you know when your day length drop below 12 hours?

@Aussiekush. It’s probably not going to show signs of flowering till mid to end of Feb.
I’m just going from my local times.
Our longest day is 21-22 June and most plants won’t show flowering till mid to end of August when light hours drop enough. :+1::v:
And welcome to the best grow forum on the net. :grin::+1:

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I have two plants that I have topped four times and now have 16 growing points on each. I had planned on topping them again this weekend but they started flowering this week, is it too late to top them now?

You wouldn’t want to top once flowering, that would be removing all of your main colas.


Thank you, I suspected that would be the case. I didn’t want to stuff up the flowering & yields of my last two feminised seeds.

I’m from Australia and have had a shitty time growing anything, not just marijuana, this summer. I have had two lots of marijuana seedlings cooked by heatwaves, I’ve also killed a few by over feeding or exposing them to full sun too early.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get even flowering on all the colas? If the photos loaded in the right order, the first one is “Green Crack”, the second is an unknown vendor supplied freebie.

Thanks again.