Question about these scary looking 600 w bulbs

Hi people. Upgraded from the small 3 foot boxes with the CFLS, to a tent and a 600 watt lighting system from ipower. I have been successful with hydro in the small boxes, but the yield is I am going to set up this tent and use the correct lighting now. My question is, as a newbie using MH and HID bulbs for my first time...they are scary looking. Not your average looking light bulb. With that said, that package that the bulb comes in says....WARNING...bla bla...but also bulb can break causing burns, fire, death, and loss of property! WOW....I mean are these systems safe to leave on while Im at work?? Im going 18/6 with the grow light and 12/12 with the flower phase. I will also time the lights to be on as little as possible during my work hours, and on while Im home and sleeping. I will also make sure my setup is done right. I have a cool tube and a great fan. It`s gonna be a little scary I think firing up these bulbs for the first time.:nerd:

You will be fine,i have the same light,love it but it is going to make some heat so be aware and ready for that. Bulb is bright and my dwc loves it,no worries of fire

Growers have been using HID lamps for decades, and the new digital ballast systems are much safer than ever before.

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Awesome…thank you for taking the time to make me feel better. Im sure it will be fine. I know millions of growers must use these lights, and much more everyday with no problems. I am concerned about how much heat will be coming out at the very end of the duct run. Cool tube...3 feet of duct thru ceiling to fan..then another 5 feet of duct off the fan exhaust end. I dont know if I can get that end venting outside. Dont need to heat up my crawlspace above the house. Guess Ill find out and deal with it. Thx again…:+1:

Top tip dude, growers get caught (large scale ones usually) by having the exiting hot air out somewhere obvious.
You see a tumble dryer does the same thing, but… if its in a strange location, chucking heat out the house is not normal and heat cameras show it so obviously. Its doubtful (I like to think) that cops just drive around with heat cameras, but its not at all impossible and people do get caught like that.
My advice would be to vent it in the house, free heating, plus if its in the middle, it just heats the house, no huge LOOK AT ME heat exhaust :slight_smile: good luck.

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Ok sir. A great tip. I’m running the lights at half power for now and by the time the air gets pulled up and thru the fan…then another 10 feet to the exit…the air is not hot what so ever. You also can’t hear it…or see anything. The duct doesn’t have to go all the way out to outside to vent. Thx.