Question about these leaves

My Brother has these outdoors, about 2 1/2 months old from seeds, only about 3 inches tall, was hoping to find out what’s going on with the leaves, ilgm seeds Bruce banner or gold leaf, I sent him some 2 of each

The bottom plant/picture is definitely flowering. Or started flowering and now seems to be revegging judging by the single leaf growth. They look pretty healthy but if your asking about why the leaves are wierd it’s because its revegging.


Looking at the soil just curious how did you prepare your holes. My first thoughts looking at the second picture reveg . As mentioned by @imSICKkid

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Thanks for the information, as I said they are my brothers (1200 miles away) so I can’t say what he has done, I do know he repotted to the soil , but I’ve got the same and there about 3 1/2 to 4 foot tall, I said to him I thought reveg , I do know that its been a bit colder were he is , many moons ago I used to grow their and had no problems so It’s something he has done? He keeps saying that it’s a weed🤔and should just grow, I just shake my head when talking to him

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