Question about the water testing equipment

Anyone here knows if this is any useful in cannabis growing? It said water testing, but many articles that I read talk about lots of things that I am a bit confused about what this tester does
coleparmer lovibond-214020-multiparameter-colorimeter

megadepot product/lovibond-214020-md-600-photometer

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I didn’t even look that thing up. 8ve been growing indoors for about 4 years and only use a ph meter and just recently started using a tds meter. Think that’s all you really need unless you want to know what ppm is what


I feel the same as @HornHead
Even if I knew how much copper and other minerals were in my water i dont want to try to amend every single one. Add to that the fact that each plant seems to want different stuff it becomes more like a job.
But then I grow for hobby fun and to keep the wife in meds. Just seems a little too much for me.
With that much money ($1000+) I could set up another grow tent …A nice one too.


I used a field colorimeter in bio. Allow me to convince you to go a different route.

Ultimately, you want to know what’s in your water. Sampling water right out of your tap will tell you what you want to add to support your plant, but it won’t help you remove any problematic components.

Instead of starting with testing, why not start with a reverse osmosis filter? For a fraction of the price of that colorimeter you could have water that’s completely free of toxic heavy metals. From there you can use preventative amendments to put plant available nutrients back into the water.

If you were to focus on filtering, you’d save money and get to “clean” water, which is ultimately your goal. Am I making sense?


Thank you all for your reply and advice.
I wasn’t planning on buying the equipment that cost for $1000+. The item (2 of the same model posted above) came up on local auction (which I do attend quite often) and the starting bid was $5.00 brand new in the box. I research it online, but I can’t comprehend what it does. That is why I ask for your advice. If it is useful in anyway growing cannabis, I was going to bid. Anyway, no one was interested in the item and except for one person, it got sold for $5.00.

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Colorimeters are useful, but you have to buy reagents and deal with recalibration costs. $5 is a deal, but I think I made a decent argument that money is better spent on purification before testing.

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Your advice makes absolute sense. Thanks for your comment. I love this forum because everyone here is very helpful and honest. :+1:

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