Question about the temperature of my grow shed? Please help, thanks!😁

Hi, this is my 2nd grow, first time regular plants, I did autos for my first grow but anyways I was wondering about the temperature in6 shed now that it’s gotten cold here in New England, when the lights are on the temp is 75°~80°, when lights off 40°~65° maybe even a little lower but not below 32°?? I am well into the flower stage, around 100 days into grow and things are looking awesome but just domt want the cold temps to ruin my hard work lol. Thanks I appreciate all the help😁

@blackthumbbetty @Covertgrower both are in colder climate areas. They could maybe tell you what to expect. Hopefully I got that right on covert? I’m trying to think of who else is in colder areas but that’s all I can think of.


You need to keep that heat above 64 or you risk the plants going into shock and turning hermie.
Take it from experience been there done that.



@DoobieNoobie @TwilightZone garrigan is Correct. Although cannabis can withstand a wide variation of temperatures, and survive it’s not recommended for the best yield. You could end up with a hermie as well.
My personal experience on a clone that was a male, in the veg phase could withstand temperatures down to 37° as long as it warmed up. If this were in flower I’m not so sure it would have survived.

Thanks for the good info. That’s why I love this place. There’s no question I’ve seen or thought of that someone here can’t answer. I’ll have some days this winter that will probably be pretty cool in my grow room so I had wondered about the temps to. Good to have a solid answer. I think I’ll run my lights at night just to keep the highest temps possible during lights out.

I tried growing outdoors up here, albeit I started too late. Once the temps got cold & stayed cold, I didn’t get hermies, but flowering basically halted for a few weeks. Then, a few weeks after it started again (moved it my camper & put a light on it overnight), the plants froze.

Poor plants.

When u say that your plants froze are you saying that they died? Or just did th flowering just stay where it was? I am gonna get a little heater for my shed, I just hope it’s not to late, my plants seem fine now so hopefully I haven’t messed them up yet😏

They literally turned into pot-cicles. Early October in Alaska is cold.

I pushed them as long as I could. Don’t give up on them until you have to. :grinning:

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Update on my pineapple kush plants, thankfully the cold temps didn’t cause any of my plants to go into hermie, I put a little heater in my grow shed so I think everything is going to work out😀 right now I am about six weeks into flower and the plants are 102 days old today.


Looking good. Definitely keep those ladies warm.

Nice! They look healthy, too.

Thanks!! They are in week 6 of flower and I just did a pretty heavy trim, I was just worrying that I got a little carried away. Is it ok to trim when they are this far along in flower??