Question about THC level

I would like to have a clear understanding when it comes to choosing the seed to grow. The question I have is THC and CBD contents.
When selecting seed from ILGM, it has a bullet point of the strains.

It said: |THC| 22%| |CBD|High|
Question 1: What is 22% THC means? 22% of what?
Question 2: CBD high - high is a general term. The measurement of high in this sense, is it compare to other strains? or it is something else?

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This may help some…A definitive answer is probably not possible.

Figure 1: THC and CBD levels generally fall within three broad ranges. Almost every strain will fall into one of these. 30% total THC by dry weight should be considered very potent, and it’s difficult to get plants to produce much more than that. Balanced strains will have both CBD and THC, but at intermediate levels. The very center of each trio of rings is the average THC and CBD content for that strain category. Each shade of purple represents one standard deviation. The majority of strains in each category will fall within the innermost, dark purple ring. Note: the THC-dominant rings have been stretched vertically for visualization purposes.


Add to this the grow conditions can have a lot to do with the final product.


Unfortunately these numbers are not concrete.

To know exactly you would need to grow the individual plant and have it tested.

If you have 10 seeds, let’s say blueberry, and grow all 10 to harvest you could potently have one with 22% THC and .01% CBD. Another individual could have 15% THC and 3% CBD. The remaining 8 could be within that range or even outside it.

This is the area where the DIY medicinal grower is lacking.

Unless you have each individual tested, then select the one with the % you want and start a clone crop from it, you won’t know for sure.


1.The thc % is of dry weight avg. Obviously they can’t tell you the thc content that you will grow because there are so many variables that determine that. So if it’s 22% avg that means of every gram, 1000mg, then 220mg of that weight is thc. Keep in mind tho it’s a general avg.
2. Cbd is not generally important to me because it’s not psyco active. Most people don’t pay attention to the levels of cbd so they don’t test for it. Also as thc degrades it becomes cbn and cbd so if you harvest late you’d have a higher amount of cbn/cbd. Cbd is good in the point that it opens up your cannabinoid receptors. So if you have 22%thc and no cbd content you will actually intake less of that 22% as opposed to 22%thc with a high cbd content you’d intake more of that 22%. Which is tricky because cbd will actually lessen the psyco active effects of thc. So if you like getting high but hate the paranoia, for instance, cbd helps smooth out those rough edges.


I agree with the others on the point of breeder data is not a guarantee of any sorts that your plants will produce that amount of thc or cbd. It could be a lot less, or more.


Thank you all very much for the quick reply. I understand now that THC % indicates basically % of the dried bud…

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I’m glad everyone had excellent answer for you. I’m just learning more into this myself so it answered questions I had also :wink:


Since I am growing it for med purpose and less high is the better, this is good to know.
@AAA, Critical is doing great! Fast growing comparing it to other plants and it is bushy (good choice for tent grower) plant. I look up the strain and it shows 22% THC and High CBD.


G’day, Just keep your eye on Humidity when your Critical is in flower as this strain can be prone to Mold, finished one last year, good smoke :+1::kangaroo:

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Good to hear on the critical. I know this grow is crucial for you! Although “Critical” might be a more appropriate word!