Question about THC infused Coconut Oil

Sorry I don’t know if I put this in the right category. But I was wondering if anybody could tell me what I’m looking at right here. I used 1 cup of ground cannabis and a cup of coconut oil, slow cooked it at 230F (it did reach 245F at one point, but not any higher) For about 6 hours. After I put it in the fridge and checked it this morning is has a thin layer of yellow at the bottom. Is that the THC separating from the coconut oil? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Also, I still have the grounds that I originally used. Can I add another cup of coconut oil to it and do a second runAlso, I still have the grounds that I originally used. Can I add another cup of coconut oil to it and do a second run?

Is there anything i can do with the left overs? Or should i just toss it?

Pics below

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If I were you, I’d heat it up until it’s liquid agin and re-strain it. That’s happened to me and that’s what I do I think it’s just plant matter that was small enough to get through the strainer that you used - it’s not the THC separating out. I use food grade cheesecloth. And, I don’t know about doing a second run with oil…

Thanks for the feedback. This is what i used to strain with. Is this why that happened? And is that THC at the bottom or plant material do you think?
Ill have to get myself some food grade cheese cloth.

BTW. Is cheese cloth reuseable?

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Sorry you already answered the plant matter question. And thank you for the response. Seriously.

Well, the cheap cheesecloth you buy at the hardware store you would need to use about 6-7 layers and lay that in the strainer… then just squeeze and squeeze until you get all the oil out… That stuff is NOT reusable. The food grade is reusable but when infusing oil I think it would be really hard to clean… I actually stopped making oils and switched to concentrates. I can add that wax to anything… oil, chocolate, jello… the possibilities are endless!

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Any cood artickes on making concentrates that you could attach?

And thank you @Caligurl


Even better, do you have any good articles saved on how to make wax? @Caligurl

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Post this question in the thread caligurl put up. That will get the attention of the resident edibles expert.

This is the cheesecloth mentioned: it is very close woven and will strain far more than a metal strainer can. You also can press out most of the oil, increasing yield.


@MrMirrors , yes, my journal linked about shows step by step of making wax. Note, I now use the Sourse Turbo, but the very first tutorial is a basic QWET