Question about stunted plant

If I have stunted growth, about how long is the recovery time?

New growth seems tiny.

They’re just kinda of stuck.

How old. I’m at 5 weeks with my Amnesia Haze. I don’t have optimal conditions…

How long you got? Looks like you’re doing a thing or two to the plant. LST? Give it a few days and you won’t recognize the plant.

They just reseting and rooting more for the extra weight that’s caused from the stress , wait them out always after you manipulate them , cut , crop , snip , calculate it and they won’t stunt so slow , to much can slow them down drastically and it’s about 3-7 days for a response depending on all the variables and other components .


They will be 9 weeks tomorrow.
Yes, I did do or try some LST about wk 5-6.
Haven’t really touch6them since then. Just a few bends here and there. No more cutting.


What size are the pots? They may want something bigger.

3g. They’re very cheaply made. I made a bad decision to go with the 3s.
I have some more 5s.
Think I should move them to the 5s into just straight Promix?