Question about Strawberry Kush Harvest

I am about ready to harvest in about a week. My tricomes are mostly cloudy which is what I am looking for.
The pistols are 75 percent brown but the colas them selves don’t look like the pictures of all the cool colors.
My question is as long as the tricomes are mostly cloudy should I harvest? Do you think led lights have something to do with the dull colors? By the way I quick dried and smoked a test sample at is was a smooth
and a good high.Should be outstanding after drying and curing. Its just the over all colors I am concerned about

They should be, at minimum, all cloudy.

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I would go off of the tric. Color. You may have a different pheno. Every plant is different even if it’s the same strain and I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The lights can play a part in different growth of the plants but I dont think it has anything to do with the final outcome of the bud. It’s more along the lines of genetics. 70% milky - 30% amber is a good time to harvest.

Most colors you see are caused by cooler temperatures in the later weeks of flower.
I beleive with temps around 55 to 60 will draw them out if they are present.


@Dieselgrower is right. To get the buds to change color, you need a large temperature drop about mid to late flower

Although I must say , genetics plays a big role in this… I have a purple og that changes color no matter what the temps are… it almost turns black when its finished… :wink:
You just have to find the plant that your looking for and clone the crap out of it… :wink:


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Yes my temps the last three weeks go from 73 degrees during the day to 66 during dark, maybe not cool enough. But I guess that’s ok. I am a first time grower so I guess I am lucky to have a harvest at all.
Thanks everybody for your replies. this sight and forums really helps.

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