Question about starting some autos

I bought the Auto Mix Pack and plan on just starting with one of each kind. I’m also going to be growing outside. Do you need to transplant autos from smaller containers or start them out in the final container? Also is 5 gallon bucket big enough for outside autos? Thanks for any and all help.

I transplant one time from seedling cup to 5 gallon bag. 5 gallon will be good for auto outside. Just be careful on the transplant and don’t damage roots.

I start mine in the square plastic seed containers. When I’m ready to transplant at about 10 - 14 days, I put the whole container with the bottom cut out in it’s permanent home which is usually 3 gallon smart pots for indoors and 5 gallon smart pots outside @JS

I’ve always heard from everyone to just start autos in their final container due to transplant shock and the amount of time it could shave off them growing. Although when I start my next grow with autos I am going to test this out a bit and do half in smaller pots and half in final pots and see how it goes.

I had heard the same thing about transplant shock is why I thought I’d ask people on here. Thanks for everyone’s input.

Good luck. Sometimes it’s just better to learn from others mistakes. I have 2 autos started same time same strain. One was transplanted the other was not. Here are the 2 plants. Want to guess which one was transplanted?

What’s with the nails, the ice?:slightly_smiling_face:

Bc she was so messed up from the transplant her top cola really matured quickly and the rest lagged. So I harvested just the top. I split her right below where I was cutting her to stop nutrient flow and sends the plant a signal to produce resin at that spot to heal. The ice bath does kind of the same thing.

She now looks like this


Gotcha. Thanks for the info.

No problem. Anyone can do what they want with their seeds and I love to experiment but there’s scientific reasons why autos should not b transplanted after it starts the veg stage.

It has such a short and predetermined life span that anything hi stress like fimmimg topping transplanting pinching. Almost anything is just too much stress for it to recover from. It has no recovery time built into its lifespan and u have no control over that lifespan like u do a photo.

Yes I’m about 9 wks into my first serious grow with NL Autos. I experienced such slow growth that I didn’t think the plants would have enough veg to support flowering. Many here told me since it was in its forever pot (5gal) that the roots were doing all the growing. I questioned the risk of starting in a smaller container and getting a good strong plant against the risk of a stunted one. Of course they later all exploded with growth and seem to be on schedule now.

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On average, how much do you guys get in terms of yield after drying do you typically get from an outside auto?

That’s a loaded question

Human error
All factor in and will change yield and quality. You can get from 1/2 oz to probably around 5 oz on average. I am sure u will find people who have gotten 10 but I’m talking average

I know there are lots of variables to that answer, I was just looking for an overall average, which you answered for me. Thanks. By the way I have the auto mixpack from ILGM, which is Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and Blueberry. So far I’m just starting out with one of each to see how it goes and so I have some personal experience on what to expect with autos. Thanks for everyone’s input, it is greatly appreciated.

Your light and your container will also play a big part in yield. If you don’t have enough light, or the plant has no room to grow. Your yield will be highly dimished. Roots are the what a plant thrive on. No root growth = no plant growth

They’re in 5 gallon pots and are somewhere outside that gets a lot of sunlight. Plus I have easy access to any nutrients and pest controls if needed. So I’m hoping for the best, but since it’s my first try I’m not going to get my hopes up very much just some knowledge about growing autos.

I had 3 autos pop yesterday and it’s raining. Can I use a regular light bulb on them for a few days, I’m an outdoor grower? Thanks!

U can use cfl in seedling stages

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