Question about starting seedling in soil them moving to hydroponic set-up

From a fellow grower: my biggest question regarding growing would be can you start a seedling in soil into veg state, then finish the grow in a hydroponics system during flowering until harvest?

Wouldnt you be better off starting rockwool first then goin to a hydro set up


Starting in soil, you may end up with a bunch of particulates in the roots that could clog filters. I think @Aussie_autos is right with the Rockwood since it’s more solid.


It is possible but washing dirt off the roots as to not plug up any of the tubing or pumps in the system is where the issue will fall. Rockwood cubes in my opinion would be best for a grow changing from pot to hydro style. It is possible but super hard to get all the dirt or coco off roots good luck


All good/great points. Depends on what Hydro System.
An E&F flood table system, sure you could pack the dirt roots and coco in a pot, and any sediment would drop back into rez and be cleaned out and any large matter caught by the return strainer or overflow. Or a straight coco pack drain to waste. Either way, highly likely you’ll see some stress tinkering with the roots, feed, PH, medium change.

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Possible, yes. Good idea, no. The others here have covered some of the finer points of why.

If during veg you want to go hydro, clone a cutting and do it that way. Will only work for photo’s, you have an identicle genetic plant and avoid all the problems of switching mediums and have another plant or plants. Plus your learning or perfecting a very valuable skill for any grower.