Question about splitting stem


@Hogmaster I was browsing through some old posts and came across your journal you did that you had split the stem of a WW auto. I was curious what type of knife did you use to split it?
I’m a few weeks out to harvest and was thinking of trying this. Am I correct in saying it should be done with about a week before harvesting?


Yeah. A few days to a week, no longer than a week out.

A very sterile razor would work


I’m interested in knowing what benefit does splitting the stock do? I try to gain as much knowledge as I can so since I don’t know what this does I’m pretty interested in learning this technique from someone

Stalk Splitting

It’s supposed to stress the plant into producing more trichomes I believe. Frosty nugs makes me happy :heart_eyes:

Splitting the stalk

Really?! That’s pretty damn interesting honestly makes me very interested in looking this up now to see if people actually have great results doing this. If my plants ever get going I want to try this as well I’m a frosty nug lover too! Mmmmm makes my mouth water just thinking about it haha


Splitting the stem stresses the plant. The stress causes it to produce more trichomes, resulting in heavier buds with higher levels of THC. Place a cable tie at the base of the stem and another one a few inches up. Split the stem with a sharp sterile knife. Leave the knife in place and use it to help you stick a pencil in the slit as you pull the knife out. The pencil will keep the two sides of the stem from touching. This will disrupt the flow of water and nutrients causing the plant to stress out and produce more trichomes in an effort to protect itself.

This was actually in an article from Bergman’s Lab. If I can find it, I’ll post the link.


Here is a link to the article I originally saw it from a while back. Might be the same article @GrowManFitz was referring to. The mention of splitting the stem is near the end of the article.


Will definitely have a good read then, thanks for the reference I’ll have a look at it.


Here’s the link to the article I referred to above.


That’s the one!


@Jmesser80 Sorry for the delay my friends just got back from Colorado a few hours ago and Wyoming I take a razor blade take an alcohol wipe sanitize it and jam it through the stem that I use a piece of bamboo it’s about 3/4 tall and about 3 foot long at jam in there and it gives it a good quarter inch gap Hope that helps


I got a question @Manny_FTGUTube @Hawkeye_diesel @Hogmaster @Jmesser80 @GrowManFitz Can split the stem on an outside grow. from the few pictures in the link its all inside grow. Outside would bugs getting into the split create a problem?


No worries, now that you mention it I think I remember seeing in your journal a of of the razor you used and the Bamboo stick as well :+1:


That’s a good question Sasquatch I’ve never split it but my grow is outdoor so sooner or later there’s only one way to find out haha. I have all bag seed right now outside for my first grow and they’re runts :cry: but they’re getting bigger. Either way I’m sure I’ll end up trying this on one of those bag seed plants before I get some quality seeds. I’m sure if you take the necessary precautions, any pest could probably be kept away from the plant.


You can do them outside to I have


How much increase in yield do you typically see? I’ve got a scraggly GL that I may just try this with, am about 7-14 days out.


Question about splitting the stem. I was looking at my
plants last night and I don’t really have any “clean” areas to split the stem. Meaning I have chutes going down pretty much to the soil so I don’t have an area where no off chutes are. Is it ok to split the stem in a location where off chutes meet the main stem?


It just helps with trics not the overall weight I think


Ok thanks, bro, think I got a lost cause happening, might squeak out only a Z on one. Just sad.


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