Question about spaying seedling in this Texas heat

does spraying plant/soil with water and about 2% lemon juice help?

I only give my auto seedling about 1 1/2 hours of direct sunlight right now

You should avoid spraying the plant. water on the leaves will act like a magnifying glass with lights/sun. try putting a clear plastic cup or bottom half of a 2 liter bottle misted with water.


What’s the juice for? I’ve never heard that but not to say. How old is the plant? That isn’t much sun.

Have you downloaded the free grow bible…
It’s a good start for good info…
Sounds like your listening to crazy grow tactics…
Might help with bug issues , but not sure of any benefits to what you are doing…

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The plant sprouted 2 days ago

I’ve read it a few times, I just noticed on my other grows that lemon juice helped with bugs and ph

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