Question about sick plant

A question from a fellow grower:

Amnesia autoflower. Novice grower. Outdoor grow in semi arid environment. No rain, 85-105 degrees F daytime, 55-70 night. Pic 1 is plant growth stage about 75 days from germ. Pic 2 is lower leaf, just got this way in the last week. Fertilized with Miracle Grow heavy, plus slow release N. Watered everyday in well drained loamy soil. pH unknown. Outside of lower leaves, rest of the plant looks ok. Worried that the rest of the plant will go down. Thanks for your help

It is hard to see anything in the 1st pik, aside from the leaves. I see from your description that your temps vary 30-40 degrees from Sun to dark. This could be the problem with the look of the leaves. \You have got to get a tester for pH, or it is hard to help you, as many issues develop due to PH being off.

The yellow leaf is normal for a plant in the finishing stages. :slight_smile: