Question about Samsung vs4000 LED light

From a fellow grower:

I bought a vison growlight a Samsung vs4000 led you can adjust the light up and down the brightness when plants are budding should you cut the light all the way up, it is 400 watts?

Depends on grow space and how many plants.

Agree with @Borderryan22

What they said :point_up_2:

This. But worth noting that 400 watts is Overkill pretty much only for a 2x2 grow space. Mild overkill for a 2x4 but not enough that I’d be too worried about it - my VS1000 lights aren’t exactly the kind of light I stress about burning anything with. 400w is Ideal for a 3x3 and underpowered for a 4x4. So the space is definitely going to be helpful information.

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I got the same vs4000 and is really impressive. It’s best fit in a 3x3, Not sure how it will do in my 4x4 as I’m getting tall and had to add a second scrog net today. I guess I Will know better in a few weeks.