Question about rooting clones

from a fellow grower: I have a question that I can’t find the answer to ANYWHERE! I’m rooting some clones and wonder about how deep their roots go. There’s no sense in providing them with more soil than they need, and at 70, I don’t need the extra work.

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being root bound the plants wont grow very well. what I do is watch the pots drain hole for roots poking out then repot. another way to do it would be to use clear plastic cups and put them inside of the colored cups so you can see the root growth. I have only done that a couple times but it worked well

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All you ever wanted to know an then some by @Hellraiser helps if I put in the link!


This was my move when I read it too @pillsbury


@Hellraiser cloning journal is the way to go but to be somple about it. A solo cup will do the trick for a few weeks to a month at most. Stay away ffom peat pods and anything that nets or confines the roots with a netting or supposed to dissolve in the dirt stuff. Dont degrade fast enough. Heck half a solocup will work to get clones started. Or a clone machine is easiest by far


I put freshly rooted clones into quart bags for a month. Those then go into 3-5 gallon fabric pots and then into 7-10 gallon (if I’m wanting a big plant). The plant will put roots down as long as there is a down.