Question about RO water

Quick question about water from ro buddie. We had a water main break and are under boil water advisory which sucks because of current situation with Corona virus. Would ro water be safe to drink while still under advisory. It’s not that important break was fixed last night and they said that more than likely we’ll get the all clear today. So hopefully that happens but still curious to know if anyone has a opinion on this issue.

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It should be fine to use the water. I would purge the lines…run water where ro is hooked up (unhook it) and let water run a bit.

From what I’ve read as long as the RO has the membrane cartridge that filters out bacteria.

Found this and may clarify things.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis systems have multiple stages, each of which acts as a separate form of filtration.

The first stage filters out sediment so the water is free of any solids. This stage does not affect the bacteria in the water in any way.

The second stage does not remove bacteria either. Instead, it removes things like chlorine, lead, pesticides and herbicides, which helps get the water tasting and smelling clean and pure.

The third stage is where bacteria removal occurs, as a membrane is used that only water molecules can pass through, whereas larger molecules, those which make up viruses and bacteria, are filtered out.

It’s also important to note that if the membrane is not filtering properly, it’s possible some small amount of bacteria could get through and then multiply on the other side. If this is the case, repairs would certainly be in order to maintain a bacteria-free water supply.

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You might also want to go around to each faucet in the house and remove the screens /aerators and run water as they main break probably released particles into lines and they can clog your faucets etc


Thanks @Skydiver ,hopefully it doesn’t come to that. I just got thinking about current situation and wondered if it came down to it would it be something that would be OK. I can still boil water. I was going to do search online and realized I have a resource that may be better than searching. :+1:

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