Question about pruning small bud sites

I am still having trouble with the question of small bud sites. I tried to take pics of what I’m talking about. I understand that it is a personal option but to get the best buds should I trim the small bud sites that have appeared at the bottom portion of a branch, also lower on the branch there are 2-3 in. branches that have formed with a bud site on top. Some people say leave them all, some say trim everything but main sites, this is my problem, I want to focus on the main sites but don’t know how many to leave or take, also how far down do they stack before they turn into bud sites that would not be good

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I can’t believe that the pics are upside down but they weren’t good pics anyway

I think most people do. As you said, kind of a personal preference. The lower smaller buds won’t dense up like the big upper ones. The do however make pretty good edibles. But pruning them, allows the plant to send those resources to prime bud.

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But how many do I keep for stacking,
Does the very top bud make a giant bud or does it take a bunch of little ones to make a big bud, I am 12 days into flower and there are so many little sites

Most of the top buds, will form colas. I didn’t trim the lower buds, and you can see the results here. The stuff above the line is good smokable buds, the stuff below I’ll use for edibles.


Sorry for asking the same question over and over but the little sites going to the top will combine with the top or the top will get huge on its own, this question will answer itself in a week or two but I like to understand what is happening, sorry about the pic again this tablet doesn’t tell me which way to take a pic so it’s straight up, I have never gotten this far on a grow before

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Decisions Decisions I lot of what you are asking depends on how you pruned and trained your plants. I have reached the point where I start with the intent of having eight primary stems and colas. After that it depends on how vigorous / strong the plant is if I decide on more.
That being said, ultimately the decision is based on will those buds reach the upper canopy level and become decent buds. They don’t have to become big colas but rather buds that are solid and worth trimming and putting in a jar.
At 12 days you probably can see where the main stem colas are forming. I use the lowest bud site on those stems as a guide. It just so happens that I was working on this plant on its 12th day of 12/12

Before It was flipped I thinned out much of the bottom growth, secondary growth and small bud sites. You want to do that so they don’t use up / waste what should be going to upper buds and growth tips.
I was doing this again on day 12. Refining what I want to keep. Some that I am now taking out have grown to 5-6" and several nodes tall. I either missed these or was undecided at that time

I circled the sites on this plant where growth was removed

This is another view after I put her back in the tent. I marked with a red line where flower growth tips below it have been stripped

I start the process by clearing out the stuff (leaves and flower sites I know are worthless) so I can see what I am working with. Then, go from there.
If you are uncertain, leave it and keep track of the questionable buds. Then assess later or at harvest to see where they ended up. Either :+1: glad I kept it or :-1: I should have cut it.
Good luck


Nice plant , smaller buds on the limb will continue to fatten up and make one large cola

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@Newt I Also use bamboo sticks to pull and spread limbs out to create better light penetration down through the plant. They also support heavy buds.


Based on what I think I can see in you picture, and the way it appears that light is likely reaching your plant, I suspect you will get big fat cola buds here:

That one lower button might if you get enough light on it. Some training can still help. This is from another site…

During week 1-3 of the flowering stage, your plant will mostly be producing new stems and leaves as it grows taller. Right now your plant is still very resilient and can handle problems just like in the vegetative stage. However, it’s still very important to avoid problems and take great care of your plant!

As part of the stretch, your plant will be growing out its bud sites. Stunting growth at this point could cause the plant to make smaller and fewer bud sites than it would if it were healthy and growing fast.

If you have more room in your grow space under the light to spread your plants out, or if you are running out of headroom, it is important to gently bend stretching stems down and away from the center of the plant to help maintain a flat canopy (a technique known as low stress training).

During the stretch, gently bend new stems down to try to maintain a flat, even canopy

Use LST (low stress training) to gently bend new stems down and away from the center of the plant to help maintain an even canopy

If you keep up with it during the stretch, you can prevent any one stem from getting much taller than the others

If you train your cannabis plant to grow flat during the flowering stretch then you can make sure no one stem gets much taller than the others

When stems are new, they are flexible and easy to bend, but they quickly harden up and turn woody. By keeping a close eye on your plant and bending any too-tall branches down and away from the center of the plant as soon as you can, you will maximize your yields since that flat shape will most efficiently use your grow lights. If all your main bud sites are spread out and about the same height, you can increase your yields by up to 40% or more!

Spreading out your bud sites and maintaining a flat canopy can increase cannabis yields by as much as 40%…or even more!

At this point, you only have a few weeks left until you lose the ability to do any further training, so don’t miss this last opportunity to control the shape of your plant, especially if you’re running out of room!


Thank you @Newt @kellydans @beardless,
I was going to get small pvc pipe like 1/2 in. Because I looked up bamboo and the wood seemed expensive to me, I think I will have plenty of room all around, I got a 4x4 tent and can only do 4 plants so I think I can spread them out, I have a scrogg net also but 2 of my plants got tall and 2 stayed small but got really bushy, I think that lower bud is coming from the small plant. Must be a different pheno Thank you again

Bamboo stakes at Home DePot are like $8 for 10 6’ stakes. Cut them to size.

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Thanks I just looked on amazon or eBay

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Pvc maybe too big damage roots. I always try to pick out the packs with a smaller diameter bamboo stick. Just my thoughts good luck

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Sometimes I use a net in the tent and other times I don’t. I have a 3x3 so I have the net attached to a PVC frame I put in the tent before I assembled the tent. One plant was taller than the other so I dropped the net on them.
Had to due a little bending and tucking

Otherwise. I use PVC scrog frames strung with mason line


Very nice, so you do a individual net for each plant, thanks for the ideas, gonna go to the store and see what I can come up with

Many do single plant frames. Some scrog others just like the portability the wheels provide.
I have four similar frames. Three in my new closete

And other in an unused bathroom. It is my play room where I try different methods and styles.
This is a six plant sea of green in a 2x2 frame

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Yes if you lollipop the plant you trim the lower half of the plant which will make plant focus on the bud sites at the top of the plant which in turn should give you bigger buds come harvest time

What size pot do you have to have to fit 6 plants in a2x2
Looks great by the way

They are fabric pots a little over 1 gallon. With coco it is a commitment to watering every day or every other day. Each plant only has 3 or 4 colas.