Question about Plants Strains

I bought Super Skunk seeds from ILGM. When they came up
one of them looks completely different than the others.
They are 40 days since germination and it looks like the one
that is different is starting to flower. They are all between 12 and 13 inches tall. The light cycle has not been
changed everything has been the same on all plants. Light cycle 20/4.
It obviously has to be a different strain just done know what it is.
In the beginning I tried some commercial organic compost and I had bugs like
I have never seen in my life gnats,aphids,root aphids and thrips. The plants were all
about 3 weeks old when I noticed the infestation. (lost 2 seedlings due to root aphids) I immediately removed them from the
grow tent dumped them out of the commercial organic compost. Cleaned the tent top to bottom. I have a compost area at my house so i decided
to use my own mix. I took my compost baked it in the oven then added 1/4 FF Happy Frog soil conditioner
1/4 pete moss and several handfuls of perlite (I didn’t measure the perlite), mixed 2 cups of Dr. Jimz tomato Secret and
32oz of Dr. Jimz diluted per instructions Chicken Soup for the soil. Placed all plants in 5 gal fiber pots.
Checked my PH its right at 6.8 to 6.9. I was using tap water but I live in the country and we have
rural water and it is extremely hard but the PH is 7.0. I have since added a RO system to my water.
Probably not the best but I

am using GreenGO 1200W LEDs I kept it between 5000 and 7000 LUX till they started getting a little bigger.
giving 35,000 Lux to the plants right now. ( Haven’t Measured how far the lights are from the plants just go by the lux reading and how the leaves look)
They have 2 switches one marked veg and one marked bloom only using the veg right now.
I have used the Bug Blaster, Neem Oil, and FF Miticide. But I still notice little flying bugs sporadically showing up.
Guess insects will be a fight for life now.
The first picture is 2 plants that are the same second is the one that looks like its trying to flower.
Any comments suggestions would be appreciated. Not my first grow but it is my first grow from seed. Have always grown from clones.
I am a beginner with a little bit of experience. Still have a lot to learn.

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No two seeds are alike. This is genetics. Just look at your parents and compare other siblings and yourself to them. Genetics…:+1::+1::+1:

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Guess it could be an auto flower. Guess I will just let her be and see what happens.

Well it’s been 3 weeks since she started to flower I just left it alone no fimming, lst or topping.

Ok so my wierdo plant I noticed a strange smell in my tent. I checked all the plants smell seemed to becoming from the her. I have noticed the top of the plant very thick. It’s 10" long and the first 7" is 8" around. So I kinda pulled things down a little I noticed closer to the stalk it’s was all white and yellowish and definitely where the strange smell was coming from. I gently pulled it down to expose what I could put a fan on it. When I checked it this morning the strange smell was gone. Has anyone seen this. Not sure what I got going on. It puts new bud pods on top everyday. PH 6.3 PPM 640 EC 1.6 . This plant keeps on with the surprises.

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@PurpNGold74 @KeystoneCops not sure how and who to tag that might be able to help.

She looks to be revegging. At first i thought ‘hey must be an auto’… but now im not so sure. Thats a funky gal

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I would kill that plant if I were you. Or move it to a completely different space. It seems like a fickle mutant and I wouldn’t want it herming and pollinating the healthy plants.

As far as the autoflowering aspect, it’s kinda interesting. I’m questioning whether what we consider Ruderalis is the only source of scotoperiod insensitive cannabis. There are supposed to be landraces that flower under longer day lengths, although nothing approaching 20 hours of light. I guess I just wonder if that poor little plant didn’t get some weird recessive genes.

Alternatively, and more likely, it got hit with errant autoflower pollen by the seed producer. This isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. It looks like Australian Bastard Cannabis to me, which is supposed to be a really difficult landrace to work with. A number of breeders are trying, because of the lack of serrated leaves. Edit: as @PurpNGold74 points out, that’s also a typical trait brought out by a reveg. Good notion. Forget my ABC theory.

I think ILGM would give you a discount on your next order if you mention it. That plant is not what you ordered.

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I concur completely. Especially about ILGM fixing the problem.

But even more about aspects we do not understand. Like their are Hawaiian and African strains (near the Equator) that flower just fine with 14-15 hours of light. N obviously we dont know everything about weed yet…

Ive heard mention of ABC a few times around here. Always thought it was more of a slang term u til now…

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@PurpNGold74 @KeystoneCops @MrPeat yeah it’s all good info. I was thinking that she started to flower when the lights were 18/6. When I switched to 12/12 is when I was noticing weird stuff going on. I have another grow on 18/6 right now I was thinking about putting her in there and see how she acts. A lot of people have told me to just pull it but I’m so intrigued with this plant I can’t seem to want to pull it. What do you think about the light change?

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From 18-6 to 12/12 shouldnt reveg ANY weed… maybe you have some subtle light leaks… i wouldnt cull her if possible but wouldnt risk her around healthy plants AT ALL

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@PurpNGold74 I sat in the tent one night for a while till my eyes adjusted and didn’t see any light leaks at all.

Alright now… need to be more specific. 20/4 and lights never changed? Or 18/6 for 3 weeks, 12/12 for the remainder?

@PurpNGold74 sorry yes they were 20/4 all the way thru. I changed the blurple lights out for an electric sky es300v2 all my plants grew 10 to 12 inches in the first week with the new light except for the weirdo she just stayed the same height. The others started pre flowers 12 days later with new light so I changed to 12/12 on June 14 and all the others stretched to about 4 feet tall that’s with lst training so I didn’t run out of head room. Probably be 6 ft plus without last trianing.The rest of the plants look awesome. I have all my notes and pics on the phone that took a crap today. So I’m just going by memory.

Haha second time in 10 mins. :poop: happens. I know the feeling.

But im honestly kinda Lost on ur gal. Can u grow outside?

Well it’s over 100°F and 90% humidity right now during the days. And it stays daylight from about 7am to 9pm right now.

I think I will keep playing around with her see what happens . @KeystoneCops says ABC that will be her new name.

Its hellish outside around here as well… but that would be better then letting her pollenate the healthy chicas.

Edit: 90% humidity is begging for a problem tho… :man_facepalming:t5:

Yeah I fight humidity all the time I have been able to keep it at 48 to 50% inside the tent temp as been hitting 80 during the heat of the day. It stays at 76° and hits 80 just for a couple hours in the afternoon.

Its great to veg in… a nightmare in flower. Kinda why i skipped tents. I think room control is much easier then tent control