Question about plant that was given to me


A question from a fellow grower;

Hello, I just have a question about this plant of mine. It was given to me about a week ago and since then it’s grown about 8/9 inches since I’ve gotten it. I transplanted it into a pot with FF Happy Frog soil and it has been thriving since then. I barely started it on FF nutrients also. I feel like it’s going pretty well so far; the only thing I’m really curious about it is it started kind of bushy before I got it but it wasn’t really cared for too well. Now, it has about a 5 inch space between the first leaves and the newer leaves. Is there any reason for this to happen? Or is it just he fact that it wasn’t cared for properly?

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t post in the forum. I just thought maybe I’d try to contact through here! Thanks :slight_smile:


Good choice of soil. When re-potted plants tend to appear as if they are not growing. This is attributed to the plant growing roots. Once roots are established; You will see growth.

Growth will not become vigorous unless you supply ample lighting for maximum effect.