Question about picking autoflower seeds

Hello, when I am surfing through the various auto-flowering seed strains, there is a little picture chart associated with each and when I hover my pointer over flowering time it gives a certain number of days. Gold Leaf Auto for example says 56 days.

My question is this: Does the 56 days represent the approximate number of days to harvest, the length of time from first bud to maturity… actual flower time? Just curious and any response to my silly question will be appreciated.

that is just flowering time, so add 25-40 days to that for the total seed to harvest…


The 56 days represents from time started to flower to maturity also is a estimated time.

That represents the time the plant take to flower and mature(which is still just guessing). And with the autos, you could have some start to flower at 4 weeks or even 6 to 8. Its always a toss up with autos, so if your space and height is limited, going with a photo plant will give you more control

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I agree with all the other posters here. What I have found with my autos is to count on 110-125 days from the time the plant breaks the surface of the soil.

Thanks for the replies. I chose autos because I try and start a new batch every month, kind of keep a rotation going. I like that I don’t have to worry about what lighting to what phase, I just keep them all under 18/6 and leave both veg and bloom switched on. I am still incognito and utilizing a spare bedroom so auto’s seem the way to go.

No concerns at all with quality. Have done two grows of Amnesia Haze, AK 47, and currently am halfway through a Gold Leaf, and just started some Northern Lights. All Auto’s so all share the lights. I have been getting an ounce a plant regardless of strain. Should I continue to expect this, or, will the super soil and Micro, Grow, Bloom every few days help with a bigger yield? And yes, I have heard… auto’s suck… but I like them. If I can’t grow heavier… I will simply grow more. :slight_smile:


Hey if it works for you master it and rock it out! What size pots are you using? I used 5-gal fabric my first go and averaged 57 grams/plant dried and I harvested 5. These were all autos.


Same… 5gal cloth pots. After buying these, they seem very similar to the reusable go-green grocery bags. Going to cloth bags, super soil, and AN nutes rather than cave dirt and chicken poop in buckets should help my yeilds I hope.


Im a fan of autos too , although this is my first grow and ive hit a few bumps in the road im still moving forward , just started for autos …chocolate skunk, Alaskan purple, rqs diesel, and a cheeseberry auto all in kindsoil in 5 gallon smart pots, and they are doing great . I have 2 super skunks that sprouted on april first and the 1 thats doing pretty good looks like she may give me 2 or 3 oz the other one may give me a oz .


@badmaster1 have you heard of the kindsoil ?

Its a soil with enough nutrients and ammendments to carry you from seed to harvest and all you have to do is water with water ph’d to 6.5 . No adding to or mixing any nutrients or anything. Just water and grow !

I bought some stuff called Super Soil that was supposed to be the same way. $40 for about 5 pounds. Not sure if it makes a difference yet. The brand is Natures Living Soil. Looks like about the same. Supposed to be cannabis specific. Stinky stuff for sure. I tried 5 pots with my own mix of 50/50 compost/manure, perlite, and some peat-mulch mix.

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Do you have a journal going ? Id love to follow and see some great results ?

I keep track on an Excel spreadsheet. This forum only accepts pictures, it won’t let me load Office files.


I looked this up and it seems to be at least similar. I will try it though. Is it a medium that can be replenished or re-used?

I think it can be replenished and probably reused if ammended correctly s

You should really be able to expect a minimum of 3 oz from an auto in soil I would think. In coco I would say 4 - 5 oz would be a minimum I look for. I am finding some breeders seeds seem to make smaller plants. I seem to have stumbled on to a few of those lately. I use the Flora trio my self. One thing I have found for me personally. Is autos do much better with light feedings as to heavy. Soil may be different. I can get away with feeding 300 - 400 ppm the whole grow and do decent. I have only done the AK47 of what you are growing. All you have chosen should do pretty good. I will be tagging along here too :+1:

I do screen shots. copy them to paint and then save them as a jpg. You can add them in here after that :grin:

I know. I can use power point and save as a jpg pic also, I suffer from digital laziness. Believe it or not, I do not even have a cell phone.