Question about phenoms (Amnesia Haze)

I am still new at growing and have a question. I’m growing Amnesia haze feminized. I have 2 plants going and they look very different ( leaves, veins, even color and texture) from each other. Is that because you will get both types (Amnesia, some haze) that are called “phenoms”. Will you get something a little different each time then?

Go to this journal. This was just being discussed there. Third Grow, using stuff learned here

This is what happens when Genetics is the King of the Block. No seeds will ever grow exactly alike. Just like having parents with 3 children and all look different. Just genetics.

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I could blow up your thread just copying the number of posts in the last week that have asked that same question. It’s not uncommon to see what you are. This is another reason some growers when they have a really terrific plant in the grow they take a bunch of clones and keep the genetics going.


Exactly why I’ve kept clones of my orange barb. She’s a polyploid and is a monster. I don’t want to lose that.


I have so many seeds cloning isn’t needed. But if I ever get that unicorn, I’m cloning that slut over and over and over. :joy:

Oh, man; can I come by and swipe a few lol?

@Not2SureYet did a Cindy 99/Durban Thai cross from Brothers’ Grimm and THAT plant deserved to become a mother: the best cannabis I’ve ever had. The terpene profile is almost Juicy Fruit gum and paint thinner, but in a good way haha. VERY sativa, VERY fast!


That sounds like some good smoke.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what this orange barb produces. I saw a pic of a polyploid last week that someone had and it had a big Fibonacci spiral shaped flower that looked like it was as big as a sunflower. I’ve heard they are known for producing massive amounts of THC too.

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Exactly. I bet that you answer this question far more times than I do every day. Just like I said on the other post. The best that you can hope for is that you are getting the strain that you ordered and in a photo or auto, as you ordered. :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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Well here’s my first Amnesia Haze that’s been grown outside. Check out this cola! Had to be half of the plant. Didn’t touch this one. Got 4 of a.h. and 2 blueberry. How do I get into the bud of the month contest? Any help appreciated.

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