Question about PH

If I’m just using straight Pro-mix, is 6.5 ph ok?

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I run Promix HP and try to keep at 6.0.

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Thank you.
That is exactly what I have.
Which nutes do you run?
I was going to use these. To try to make it simpler on myself.

The 20-20-20 during veg and the other to flower.

I’m on Jack’s 3-2-1 program: something a bit different than that one but will work fine.

If you haven’t seen it, look at Bruce Bugbee from Utah State and they use that exact stuff.

It’s a long video: roll a doobie and watch it all. It will blow the top of your head off haha.


Thank you.
Will do.
Might have to flex a cpl, grab a beer and settle in…

Yep…I’m done with this stuff. My first grow with it went ok but maybe I lucked out…or mixed in Dolomite before I potted. I can’t remember. But I just got a new bale of the HP that I’ll use next time I’m doing a soilles grow.
I really like coco but hate having to water so much cause of my crazy work schedule.

I used MegaCrop on a couple of my grows. Awesome stuff and easy to use…not to mention… very cheap.

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I’m the same way. I wanted to try coco, but watering would be a problem. I couldn’t stay that consistent.
Never enough time…

I’m on my first grow and learning as much as possible as I go, and I have to say, one of these days, probably sooner than later, I’m gonna give coco a try. It would almost be preferable to know you have to water every couple of days than to try to figure out when to water a soil grow.

I’ll definitely be watching the video.

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I think that’s where I ran into problems.
I was using FF and when the nutes ran out I didn’t add enough of what they needed.
I got a really bad case of not enough N.
Lots of yellowing

Rdy to try again.
Just need to keep it simple and grow from there

I definitely under-watered in my starter pots. Note to self - water your damn plants.
And I feel like I’m trending that way going into veg. I’m just going into week 2 in FFHF.
I’m gonna give them a big drink tomorrow and just let them drink for a stretch.
I’ve got at least 2 or 3 weeks before I’m having to deal with the trio in here but from what I’m reading it’s probably best to start at half strength and see what the plant tells you. I don’t think it’s a hard and fast rule that all the good stuff has been eaten out of the soil in 4 weeks.
Two days after transplant and the roots started getting into the HF from the generic MiracleGro seed starter crap my girls looked horrible. Then, when they realized they were like Mikey, and LIKED it, they took off.

We just went legal grow like literally, a minute ago, and I’m taking everything slow on my first tent grow.
I’ve got a couple of girls outside for back up. LOL

Happy Growing Everyone!

It also doesn’t help the chart says start with Big Bloom when you’d think it’d be Grow Big!
Am I the only one who thinks these names are backwards? LOL!

That being said, THEY WORK! My 2 biggest outside girls are in last years tomato soil, I did zero prep other than to turn the soil and loosen it up. It’s been outside and washed through with rain many times over so it should be a relatively clean slate.
They’ve been getting CalMag and the start of the FF trio and they are banging!
Even the runt that struggled from the start, and got attacked by a caterpillar, is doing well.
With those I’m using full strength, considering the crappy, recycled soil.


Get a ph meter. Hydro I ph to 5.5 and soil 6.0. They only take in nutrients between 5.5 and 7 from what I’ve read. I’m soils the ph rises as time goes by. So if you ph your water today at 6.0 tomorrow it will be more alkaline because as the plants soak in nutrients the PH rises. If that makes sense. At least that’s how I understand it.