Question about paying


ehhh so my order comes to 84.50 and i’m using cash this time so I don’t have to call into the bank again… Directions say bills only. So do I just send them 85 $ then? Seems like a stupid question but don’t feel like having a problem over 50 cents lol but bills only means no change right how do u send 50 cents in bills. Feel stupid asking this but don’t want to just send 85 and have that be a problem because of the 50 cents over pay…


Nah won’t be a problem, I doubt it.
Which I have only payed cash for even amount, 89.
Like you said .50 ain’t nothing


Just send the 85 dollars, ILGM won’t mind the extra .50 cents… You will be ok , I have rounded up payments before.


Thanks that’s what i was looking for.Someone to confirm that they have done it. Saw the deal ending today for 20 blueberry autos for 84.50 $ and decided that’s just too good a deal for a strain I’m interested in to pass up so ordered.


I have a question about paying too. I can’t figure out how to create a thread so I’m replying to this one, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an example of how to address the envelope and how to put the money in the postcard, it’s all very confusing



Hi @Sophiv57 , if you entered an order with payment method “cash” you should have received an email with the address and instructions.
Put the cash in aluminum foil.
Put the aluminum foil+cash in a postcard.
Put the postcard in an envelope.
Close the envelope and put the address on it.
Mail the envelope to us, preferably with tracked shipping.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: