Question about odd thing on plants just harvested

At the nodes towards the bottom of the plant, there are what look like male buds starting, only they are way larger and have some pistils coming out the end. They can’t be male buds, but what are those things?

Sorry forgot to take a picture and they are trimmed and hanging now. Egg shaped, much larger than a male flower and just a green pod looking thing with a few pistils sticking out the end. Only on one plant and there were many of them that showed up in the last few days.

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Without pictures it’s really hard to say for certain. It could have been a swollen calyx


females often have a swollen calyx at the main stem intersection with the smaller stems. usually on both sides. they are like tits on a boar hog…useless but not a source of concern.


Thanks I found a photo of a swollen calyx and that’s it. :+1::+1:

Sorry about not having a photo. I was not thinking at the time. My bad.

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Hell…you was stoned…lol :partying_face:

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