Question about Nutrients :)

I’d really appreciate any and all advice. First off I’m on day 5 of growing Girl Scout cookies extreme autos in 3gal fabric pots with Mother Earth coco coir 70-30%. I rinsed 3x volume prior to use. Run off was ph6.5-6.8 due to buffer and ec of water poured through. Running a spider farmers sf2000 in a 2x4 tent. I’m using GH trio and CaliMagic and going off the recommended auto flower coco nutrient schedule provided on the coco for cannabis website “I’ll attach it” I’m feeding twice a day 2 cups each to get 20-30% runoff, cleaning up runoff. My run off now is slightly less then my intake feed ec wise. My starting r/o water is ec 100.
Do my leaves look like they are possibly needing more cal-mag supplements? My current feed is 1/4tsp micro, 1/8tsp gro & bloom with 1tsp cal-mag 1-0-0. I need to dilute it a bit to get my ec of 450ish. So after diluting it’s almost like I’m adding 2.5ml of CaliMagic to each gallon instead of the recommended 5ml. Should I up my ec to maybe 600-700 being day 5? Any advice is appreciated and ask any questions. Thank you!

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I think they look perfectly fine.


Don’t get much better than that, congrats!

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